Detroit ‘Jingle Ball’ Pulls A Taylor Swift Bait And Switch

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A Detroit radio station teased a surprise appearance from Taylor Swift at the iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball concert series stop in the Motor City. There was just one problem. There wasn’t going to be a surprise appearance from the pop megastar. Well, at least not from the real Taylor Swift that is.

It’s hard to dispute the impact that Taylor Swift has had on modern-day pop culture. You’d be hard-pressed to watch a TV show or listen to a podcast without the music icon being mentioned at some point. So when she makes an appearance, it is always newsworthy. In this case, even a pretend appearance will turn heads.

Bringing In The Holidays With Hit Music

More than 20 years ago, New York’s Z100 introduced Jingle Ball. The holiday-themed concert featured top artists performing their #1 hits. The show has quickly become a holiday tradition of sorts. After gaining popularity across the country, Jingle Ball has now transformed into a multi-city national tour making several stops before Christmas. In 2023, the concert series will have locations in Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, and Detroit.

Detroit’s Jingle Ball took place on Tuesday night at Little Caesars Arena. The concert featured real performances from Usher, Jelly Roll, Big Time Rush, and more. But it wasn’t until the show brought out a pair of Detroit radio personalities that things took a turn.

Mojo and Kevin Irwin, from Mojo in the Morning, took the stage and excitedly raved about a surprise guest they’ve been eager to introduce. After playing to the crowd for a bit, the duo decided to tease a surprise appearance from one the most well-known people currently on the planet. “Does anyone know a song named ‘Karma’?” said Kevin.

“Karma” is a song from Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, “Midnights.” Although the song was never considered one of Taylor Swift’s biggest hits, it played very well on radio stations throughout the globe. “Karma” eventually peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100. Vulture praised the song as, “proof that her seemingly effortless skill at whipping up pop confections hadn’t abated during her years in the woods.”

Taylor Swift Almost Makes A Jingle Ball Appearance

After getting the crowd’s attention with a subtle tease, the duo created a whirlwind of emotions when they finally introduced the next performer to the stage. “Make some noise for… Trailor Swift,” the radio personalities proclaimed.

The audience rightfully erupted in a sea of roars. But it didn’t take long before fans realized that something was up. After just a few moments, it became very clear that whoever was performing was not Taylor Swift.

So if it wasn’t Taylor Swift, then who was it? The impersonator was Mojo In The Morning producer, KP. She was dressed in her best Taylor Swift outfit as she began to sing “Fearless” to the confused crowd. After it became obvious that the gig was up, the rest of the Mojo crew took the stage and revealed their true intentions. The bait and switch stunt was intended to promote Channel 955’s giveaway of Taylor Swift tickets to her show in Indianapolis in November 2024.

What do you think of this publicity stunt? Did Mojo and crew go too far? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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