Did MTV Pay Kailyn Lowry Bonus Checks For Each Baby?

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There’s a wild Teen Mom rumor making rounds that MTV cut Kailyn Lowry sizable bonus checks as payment for popping out additional kids. Did the Teen Mom star benefit financially from continuing to pop out kids? Turns out, Kailyn herself caught wind of this rumor and she’s addressing whether there is any truth to it.

Did MTV Pay Kailyn Lowry Bonus Checks For Each Baby?

Fans of Teen Mom seem to think MTV was willing to cut bonus checks in exchange for cast members popping out additional babies. At least, viewers thought this was true of Kailyn Lowry. Now fans aren’t really sure how many children she has right now, as she’s rumored to be pregnant with twins and she’s rumored to have at least one mystery baby she’s hiding from the public eye in her home.

Kailyn Lowry Continues To Hint She's Pregnant Again? [MTV | YouTube]
[MTV | YouTube]

The Teen Mom Star Addresses The Wild Rumor

On today’s installment of her podcast called Barely Famous, the Teen Mom OG star addressed the rumors of whether MTV cut her a bonus check for popping out additional babies.

Kailyn Lowry was pretty quick to shut down the rumor noting that MTV did not have a payscale based on how many kids the mother had. In fact, she jokingly admits that she would have popped out a few more babies if that was the way the payscale with the network worked.

The MTV personality explained the network sought cast members with a storyline that fit a certain “theme.” For example, her co-star Leah was the first mother of twins with the franchise. Her co-star Chelsea Houska’s theme, on the other hand, was her love story involving her toxic relationship with Adam Lind and her journey to find her current husband Cole DeBoer.

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Kailyn Lowry’s theme was the drama of having children with multiple baby daddies. In fact, she admits it was the theme of her storyline being packed with drama that ultimately made her decide to walk away from the show in April of last year.

With shows like Teen Mom, a cast member getting knocked up with an additional baby just means a new storyline, a fresh birth to the film, and increased ratings. So, it isn’t too farfetched for viewers to think the network might be willing to cut cast members a bonus check for each new pregnancy. What did you think about this rumor and Kailyn’s response? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Teen Mom news.

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