Did Taylor Ann Green Really Send Whitney Nude Pics?

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Did Southern Charm star Taylor Ann Green really send nude pictures to Whitney Sudler-Smith? More so, if she did do this, what would be the motivation? Season 9 has not painted Taylor in the best light so far therefore it would not be unfounded if she had a lapse in judgment. So, did it happen? Read on for more details.

Did Taylor Ann Green Really Send Whitney Nude Pics?

The Season 9 premiere of Southern Charm was all about relationships, growth, moving on, and sadly, trauma from the past. Taylor Ann Green was at the luncheon for Madison LeCroy and Brett Randle’s nuptials. The whole cast had gathered for this celebration which was supposed to be lighthearted and fun. Unfortunately, Taylor was still struggling with her broken romance with Shep Rose. She had believed she was going to marry this man and then it all fell apart. Taylor was not in a good headspace whatsoever and she just kept saying anything and everything to Craig Conover.

Taylor Ann Green-Instagram
Taylor, Shep-Instagram

As Craig walked away, Taylor Ann Green alleged that his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo had been unfaithful. Yet, was there another offputting thing that Taylor did off-camera? According to Us Weekly, it seems that Taylor sent her co-star, Whitney Sudler-Smith nude photos but why? This is a rumor that will haunt Taylor during this season and she alleges that it did in fact happen post-breakup with Shep. Speaking with ET, Taylor shared this: “It was a very drunken night.” Is that the only reason?

Whitney Sudler-Smith-Instagram
Whitney Sudler-Smith-Instagram

She went on to add: “I knew what Shep and Whitney had been up to the past few months, gallivanting around Charleston, trying to pick up girls and so, I did that to get under Shep’s skin.” Essentially, this was a revenge text but the big question is if it made a dent. That is yet to be seen but it will be Whitney’s mother, Patricia Altschul who will bring up this incident. Though Whitney will go on to deny it ever happened, Taylor has confirmed it.

The Aftermath

Ultimately, Taylor Ann Green knows that what she did was not appropriate. Admittedly, it was “very childish” of her but she has taken ownership of her actions. Finally, she notes: “I’m not proud, but it was definitely a jab.” This season looks to be a rollercoaster with all of the relationships as they all try to get on track. Craige is building his dream home but Paige lives in NYC so that is a bit of a struggle. At the same time, Taylor is still clearly struggling to get over Shep. Hopefully, she can and fans won’t look down on her too much for this nude debacle. Everyone makes mistakes.

Do you think this was tacky of Taylor to send Whit the nude photos or was she coming from a place of hurt? Let us know and watch Southern Charm Thursdays on Bravo.

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