Duggar Cousin Amy King Rages After Son Gets Attacked

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TLC’s Counting On Duggar cousin Amy King admits she’s had ENOUGH as she took to Instagram to rage on those attacking her son. As fans know, Amy King has one child with her husband Dillon. Their son Daxton just turned four back in October.

Unfortunately, Daxton has been the victim of a lot of brutal attacks from Instagram trolls as of late. Amy King, however, has reached her breaking point. Channeling her inner mother bear, she raged at her 447K followers yesterday bout it.

Duggar Cousin Amy King Rages After Son Gets Attacked

Duggar cousin Amy King took to Instagram yesterday to share two beautiful photos of her son. One photo featured Daxton standing between his parents holding both of their hands. He had a huge smile on his face as he looked directly at the camera.

The second photo was an even closer shot of just Daxton. It was a side profile shot of his face. Again, he had a huge smile on his face. The post also tagged Daxton’s Instagram account.

Kicking off her very long and very angry caption, Amy admitted she was DONE with the “pathetic” older women who followed her.

I’ve had just about enough comments from grown women commenting on my son’s hair in all of his pictures. GROWN WOMEN ATTACKING A 4 YEAR OLD. How pathetic and sad is that?

She Asks Everyone To ‘Do Better’

After getting the rage out of her system, Amy King proceeded to ask if everyone could just “do better.” She questioned why people needed to issue their opinions on everything. Sadly, Amy King was in a position where she just didn’t want to post photos of her beautiful boy at all.

Amy King- Instagram
Amy King- Instagram

The TLC personality continued to admit that normally she can just ignore the negativity in her Instagram comments. She, however, couldn’t keep her “mama bear” in check this time.

Let me make this crystal clear I don’t care what your opinion is about anything to do with my life or my little family. If having a cool rad mullet makes him happy then we are going to cheer him on as parents! He’s only young once!

One Fan Defends Trolls Against Amy King

One individual rushed into the comment to defend those who attacked Daxton. The individual insisted that a mullet was never a good hairstyle. This individual added disliking the haircut has nothing to do with disliking the kid.

They penned: “I don’t think they’re attacking him. I think they’re attacking his haircut. The mullet was a bad idea way back when and it’s not any better now not even for four-year-olds. Sorry.”

Nearly 40 of her followers liked the comment above. Other fans, however, rushed in to defend Amy. Many noted that attacking the hairstyle was NO different than attacking the kid. Furthermore, several also told the OP who left the comments to “kick bricks.”

Did Amy King’s followers attacking Daxton surprise you? Share your thoughts in the comments. Furthermore, keep coming back for more TLC news and updates.

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