‘Family Feud’ Steve Harvey Fears Divorce After Answer

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Sometimes, people on Family Feud say some really bad things when they can’t come up with the right answer. Other times, it seems that some people just say the first thing that comes to mind. These are the answers that get them in the most trouble. Steve Harvey called out on person this week for saying “the stupidest thing you could’ve said.”

Here is what the man said and why Steve Harvey reacted like he did.

Family Feud Contestant Gives “Stupid” Answer

Much like many questions on Family Feud, the one here was a question that could have gotten some really bad answers. However, this one took an even stranger turn. Steve asked, “Women love a man in uniform. Men love a woman in what?”

Family Feud: Steve Harvey
Family Feud: Steve Harvey

The answers here could have gotten dirty, as many answers some viewers consider NSFW often do in these cases. This was not one of those cases. Instead, when Jeff wanted to answer the question, he eyes began to wonder around and he said, “I’m gonna get myself in trouble with my wife, but the kitchen.” He then shrugged as if it was a good answer.

Two of the guys on his team turned away, looking a little embarrassed and slowly began to clap slowly while the guy on the other side of Jeff patted him on the shoulders in encouragement. Steve said, “Jeff I gotta tell you,” to which Jeff responded he wasn’t going to get to go home. That was when Steve said, “that was about the stupidest thing you could’ve said.”

Family Feud Has Been Rolling With These Answers Lately

The Family Feud Instagram share even had one of the sad trombone sound effect and then showed Jeff in black and white with the world “Divorced” written across the screen.

Fans chimed in after the video hit Instagram:

  • “A beer to that brave soldier.”
  • “Well someone’s sleeping in the couch tonight”
  • “Could have saved himself if he said “because she’s an amazing cook””
  • “He knew and he said it anyway, this is a brave man ladies and gentlemen”
  • “Let me know when the funeral is.”

Other fans either played along (“she must have been a good cook”) or loved the answer (“I love to cook”). However, if anything, this provided another memorable answer on Family Feud.

This week alone, there have been som crazy answers. For “You want a boyfriend because your *what* is broken?” a woman answered “My box if broken.” WHen Steve asked, “Name an annoying creature you wish would go extinct?” and the woman said “dogs.” Finally, a question was “You know you shouldn’t, but name someone you have sexy dreams about.” The man said, “my aunt.”

What are your thoughts on the questions asked on Family Feud lately and their very awkward answers. Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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