Fans Rail Against Crying Harry Jowsey For Stealing Spotlight

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Several Dancing With The Stars fans are aggravated with how contestant Harry Jowsey behaved during the season finale.

The Too Hot To Handle star consistently received low scores from judges, yet made it to the quarterfinals, dubbed “Taylor Swift Night.” on DWTS, Harry said he wanted to change the public’s opinion of him. He earned a reputation for being an arrogant Casanova on Too Hot To Handle and didn’t want to be like that any longer.

Harry Jowsey might have changed some minds. However, many DWTS viewers never did warm up to him. In fact, many accused him of trying to steal the spotlight during the season finale.

What happened?

Harry Jowsey bursts into tears during the DWTS season finale

Harry Jowsey and his professional dance partner Rylee Arnold were eliminated just before the semifinals episode. But even so, they received an invitation to the Season 32 finale along with the other eliminated contestants.

However, many Dancing With The Stars fans wish he would have stayed home.

Harry Jowsey, Rylee Arnold, and podcast host on Past Your Bedtime Podcast, sourced from YouTube
Past Your Bedtime Podcast/YouTube

After actress Alyson Hannigan and Sasha Farber finished a routine, they went to the skybox to receive their scores. While speaking with Julianne, Alyson noticed that Harry was starting to cry. She gave him a big hug before someone passed Harry the mic.

“I’m just so proud of her. It’s just so incredible. I’m a mess,” the Too Hot To Handle star said between tears. “I’m so sensitive. I’m just so proud of you guys.”

Some viewers found the moment tender and endearing, but most weren’t big fans of Harry’s tears.

“Harry Jowsey stop trying to be the center of attention challenge,” one viewer tweeted during the finale. “God he’s the worst.”

“Harry crying more at Alyson than when he got eliminated is sending me,” one fan shared on the live discussion thread.

The Swifties may have been behind the reality star’s elimination

Although Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold consistently received low scores throughout the season, several Dancing With The Stars fans thought they would end up in the finale based on fan votes alone. Eliminating the judges’ saves this season really sent Harry and Rylee further than anyone thought they would go.

At the end of the day, many believe that the Taylor Swift fans were the ultimate reason behind their exit. Online, plenty of Swifties called for everyone to vote for all the other contestants but Harry, ensuring his elimination. His history on Too Hot To Handle and his support of Scooter Braun were enough to make Taylor Swift fans put a target on his back.

What did you think of Harry Jowsey’s time on DWTS? DId you also find his tears obnoxious? Leave your own thoughts in the comments.

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