Fans Shocked By Kim Kardashian’s First Husband, See Pic

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Kim Kardashian and who she is dating is always big news in the tabloids. She has had several high-profile romances over the years. With her dating history being a who’s who of entertainers and other famous people, many fans who are just finding out about her first husband are shocked. So, who did she marry the first time around?

Kim Kardashian’s Dating History Is A Who’s Who Of Hollywood And Beyond

Famous people date other famous people. This is the way things have been throughout history. Those with money, fame, and status naturally gravitate to those that have the same. Some celebs may occasionally settle down with regular people. Kim Kardashian isn’t one of them.

High-profile is the name of the game for everything Kim Kardashian does, including those that she chooses to spend time with romantically. Kim has dated everyone from Ray J and Nick Lachey to Nick Cannon and Kanye West. Then, there was also her relatively recent situation with Pete Davidson as well. Most recently, she has been linked to NFL star Odell Beckham Jr.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian - YouTube/Feature
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian – YouTube

Who Was Kim Kardashian’s First Husband?

Anyone keeping up with anything Kim Kardashian knows that she was married for years to Kanye West. Of all the famous people she has dated over the years, her time with Kanye was easily the most talked about, written about, and discussed.

Due to this, many of her fans may not even remember her very first husband, whom she married when she was just 19. Kim’s first husband was Damon Thomas. He is a music producer. He and Kardashian were married from 2000-2004.

On his social media, Damon Thomas is careful about presenting a certain image. However, a recent photo of him has been making the rounds that is certainly less than flattering.

Damon Thomas
Damon Thomas/YouTube

Fans Roast Damon Thomas For Recent Unflattering Look

Kim Kardashian fans were quick to roast Damon Thomas for his recent look. This look is a lot more casual than how he typically presents himself on social media, and Kardashian fans wasted no time roasting him for it.

In the pic in question, Damon Thomas has on a beanie, and he is sporting a bit of a goatee. When you compare him now to how he looked when he was married to Kim, he has certainly put on weight since then. Fans didn’t hesitate to let him have it.

Damon Thomas
Damon Thomas/Instagram
  • One commenter wrote: “Damon’s the guy you pull your girlfriends away from at the club.”
  • Another said: “Why didn’t one of Kim’s lifers/besties save her?”
  • Piling on, another said: “Oh my god! He looks like he just rolled out of bed. You married him, Kim?!”

Damon Thomas is certainly no slouch. He has a successful career in his own right. Fans are still shocked nonetheless, and many are glad she moved on from her former husband.

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