‘Love Is Blind’ Trevor Had Girlfriend While Filming The Show

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Trevor from Love Is Blind had a girlfriend while filming the show and seems he came crawling back after Chelsea dumped him. At first, fans thought Chelsea fumbled and should have been with Trevor. However, Jimmy is making Trevor look good since the text between Trevor and his girlfriend comes out. The men from this season are not setting a good example for the show considering they all have secret women coming to light.

Love Is Blind Has Trouble

Love Is Blind has not had a good rep this season. A lot of the men seem to have other women in their love lives besides the people they were trying to date. Jimmy was rumored to have a girlfriend when he went on the show. His supposed girlfriend made a TikTok about it but did not name the guy, however, she left a major hint that led to Jimmy. Not only that, but Jeramey also had a fiancé right before he came on the show. He also was with Sarah Ann until almost six in the morning when he was engaged to Laura. It has been disappointing for viewers to find out the truth behind these men. Not only those two, but Trevor also seems to have had a girlfriend who knew what he was doing when he went on the show.

Trevor Has A Girlfriend

The texts between Trevor and his girlfriend got leaked on social media. It seems as though his girlfriend knew what he was doing when he went on the show. He states he loves her and cannot wait to get married to her. She also asked if he talked to anyone from the show on the plane. His reply shocked fans because he told him and whoever he talked to agreed that they were not getting married no matter what. Why would someone stay with a man who is going on a show to supposedly find love? His dog Chelsea passed away and his girlfriend knew before he did. She told him she had been talking to his mom. This shocked many since it was not an uncommitted relationship, and she was fully aware of the situation.

Fans were shocked to see that Trevor has a girlfriend. Everything he said to Chelsea was just for fame. He even gave Chelsea the collar of his dog who was named Chelsea as well. This does not look good for Trevor or the show. How do you feel about what he did? How do you feel about what Jeramey did? Sound off in the comments below.

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