Fans Struggle To Get Behind Kim Kardashian’s Booty Changes

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Kim Kardashian shot to fame thanks to her curvaceous butt, especially after appearing on the cover of Paper magazine in 2014. However, lately, fans have been concerned given that her backside is shrinking at a rapid rate. Her rear has reduced so much after her drastic weight loss that it seems to be almost non-existent. Keep reading to find out what fans feel about Kim Kardashian’s rapidly reducing butt!

Is Kim Kardashian Obsessed With Getting Skinnier?

The Kardashians are no strangers to plastic surgery. Some fans think Kim Kardashian has simply removed her butt implant to keep up with her weight loss. The popular reality family has been perfecting their curves since they first stepped into the spotlight. They show off their figures by donning tight clothes and putting out their backsides on display for photoshoots.

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However, it seems like the Kar-Jenners are no longer obsessed with big butts. Recently, the mother of four was photographed in California with her kids minus her famous asset. The TV star was spotted getting out of an SUV alongside her children. She wore a crop top and tight black pants with her honey-blonde wavy hair. As per The Sun, the SKNN owner was captured from the side showcasing her disappearing waistline.

Fans Claim Kim Kardashian’s Big Butt Was Unnatural

On Reddit, fans compared her new almost-negligible booty with her past curves. One wrote, “Omg that is so bizarre looking. Her family said she gets the most plastic surgery, I thought maybe it would’ve been Khloe but they all said, Kim… I’d love to know how many operations she’s had, I’d bet it’s a lot.”

Another quipped, “Looking back at Kim’s old butt (no pun intended lmao) makes you realize just how oddly unnatural it was.”

“No way the second pic is real. Did she load her a** to someone?” questioned a third fan.

Kim Kardashian Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

A fourth user claimed, “You can see the photoshop on the tire tread in the 2nd pic.”

Although Kim Kardashian has claimed time and again that she never got a butt lift yet fans feel otherwise. However, some fans are concerned about her losing weight rapidly with the use of unconventional methods. Since the start of Summer 2022, the SKIMS owner has lost weight drastically. She has lost more than 20 pounds making her skinnier by the day.

Kim Kardashian Lost Weight To Fit Into Marilyn Monroe’s Gown

While the Hulu star has been all about fitness and has documented her exercising routine throughout her appearance on the reality show, this is the first time she is so focused on her slender looks. Her weight loss journey started as a motivation to lose weight to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s popular gown. However, it seems like she is now addicted to losing weight down to the point that some fans feel she looks anorexic.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

What do you think of Kim Kardashian and her obsession with slimming down? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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