‘Farmer Wants A Wife’: Ashley Finally Gives Update With Landon

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Farmer Wants A Wife star Ashley L is finally giving an update on her relationship with Landon Heaton from Oklahoma. Fans have been wanting to know if the couple was still together or not. At first, their posts made it look like they might be working out.

Farmer Wants A Wife Ashley L And Landon Update

Farmer Wants A Wife couple Ashley L and Landon left the show still together. It looked like things were going well, but Ashley finally went to her Instagram today to share an update. It turns out that these two have called it quits. You can see the entire post below.

Ashley explained that it has been about a year since she started casting for the show. She almost didn’t join and backed out three times before joining. She finally just used a coin flip to decide if she wanted to go or not. Ashley said that she does this often to decide things. She ended up joining the show and being the one that Landon picked in the end.

Ashley L felt like the cast and crew really wanted to share a true love story on Farmer Wants A Wife. That is great considering not all reality shows are that way and are more about the drama.

Ashley loved the other woman on the show and even called them her “sister wives.” She wishes that fans could have seen more of her story with Landon, but all that was shown was bits and pieces. This show was only one hour each week and they had to follow four farmers plus their many ladies.

Back at the finale in December, Ashley L and Landon were hopeful that things would work out. She shared that they had a lot of pressure and broke things off in January. This means that since the finale aired on May 17, they have been broken up even though they were sharing posts that made it look like they might still be together.

Only Couple Still Together

The only couple still together after Farmer Wants A Wife is Meghan Baker and Hunter Grayson. They revealed that they are still together and even went on a cruise together recently. The crazy thing is that they have decided to live their lives not in the public eye. Meghan shared today that they were not going to be sharing their story anymore and will just be living their lives. She doesn’t live on the farm with him yet but has moved five hours away from him so that she can see him more often.

Are you shocked to hear that Farmer Wants A Wife stars Ashley L and Landon are over? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss Farmer Wants A Wife when it returns to Fox for Season 2.

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