Finale Cliffhangers! ‘Manifest,’ ‘The Good Doctor,’ ‘The Equalizer’ & More

TV Shows

TV decided we all needed some high-key suspense in our lives this year. And boy, did these shows deliver. From The Good Doctor and The Equalizer hurtling beloved characters into life-threatening moments to the highly anticipated return of Manifest on Netflix, the seven below shows have all made one thing clear: We. Need. Answers.

And for Manifest fans, those answers have been a long time coming. The drama was canceled by NBC after Season 3 in June 2021, but Netflix saved the series. It returns for one final season that will be 20 episodes long, and suffice it say fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Catch up on the Manifest Season 3 finale and the other shows that left us in shock with the biggest, most urgent questions from this season, below.

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