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Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner is about to begin his journey in just a few short weeks. While the season hasn’t aired on television yet, there are still spoilers emerging from Reality Steve. One of the big spoilers to come out is which lucky women will be getting hometown dates. Of course, it is during these dates that Gerry will meet family and see where the lucky lady lives. Keep reading to find out who these women are. Warning! Spoilers ahead.

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner hometown date spoilers

The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner is ready for his journey and just like in regular seasons of The Bachelor, Gerry will be taking some lucky women on hometown dates. However, for whatever reason, this season, there will only be three hometown dates according to Reality Steve. Normally, there would be four hometown dates. Who are the lucky three ladies?

First up is Faith Martin, 60. She was the first for a hometown date on August 19. She lives in Benton City, Washington, and is reportedly a high school teacher and radio DJ. Will she and her family continue to impress Gerry?

Gerry Turner via YouTube 9 mirror

Up next is Leslie Fhima, 64, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her hometown date filmed on August 21. She is a fitness instructor so chances are she will be up for a game or two of pickleball. Can Leslie and her family win over the man of the hour?

Finally, Theresa Nist, 69, had her hometown on August 23 in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. She is a financial services professional as stated below. She is ready to find love again after losing her husband several years ago.

While Steve has shared which women go on hometown dates he has not shared what took place on each one.

Leslie Fhima via Insta
Leslie Fhima

Faith Martin via Instagram
Faith Martin

Theresa Nist via Insta
Theresa Nist

Who gets eliminated at hometowns?

Of course, after the three hometown dates are completed, Gerry must decide which two ladies he will be taking to Costa Rica for overnight dates and the final rose ceremony.

According to Steve, Faith Martin is sent home at the rose ceremony. This leaves Theresa and Leslie as the final two. They will accompany Gerry to Costa Rica to meet his family. Plus, they will be given fantasy suite dates. Then, Gerry will decide which of these lovely ladies he can see a future with.

Will his daughters and granddaughters approve of the final two?

Gerry Turner via Instagram

Don’t miss The Golden Bachelor premiere which will happen on September 28. Following Gerry’s premiere will be the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise. 

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.

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