‘Great British Baking Show’: When It Returns, Who Is Hosting & More

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The wait for The Great British Baking Show Season 11 is nearly over stateside as Netflix prepares for the arrival of all-new episodes this fall.

Along with introducing a new set of home bakers to the coveted tent, there are some changes to the panel of returning favorites to note. Below, we’re breaking down all of the need-to-know details about the latest season.

When Does it Stream?

Season 11 of The Great British Baking Show is set to stream on Netflix beginning Friday, September 29, with new episodes dropping each Friday through December 1. Each installment will drop at 3am ET.

Prue Leith, Noel Fielding, Alison Hammond, and Paul Hollywood for 'The Great British Baking Show'

(Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Who Is Hosting?

Noel Fielding returns alongside new host Alison Hammond, who is stepping into the role left vacant by Matt Lucas. Hammond is best known for her work as a presenter on ITV’s This Morning, a morning program run in the U.K. She’s also appeared on various reality shows. Hammond also went viral for her 2017 interview with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling for This Morning, which you can watch here.

Who Is Judging?

Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood are back to push the home bakers to the limit with fresh challenges sure to delight viewers and test competitors.

'The Great British Baking Show' Season 11

(Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

What Are the Themes?

Episodes will focus on the bakes more so than specific themes. As previously reported, country-specific themes have been abandoned following last season’s disastrous Mexican-themed episode.

Who Is Competing?

Season 11’s competitors include 27-year-old vegetable grower and delivery driver Abbi, 43-year-old deli and grocery manager Amos, 33-year-old mom and PA Cristy, 42-year-old Civil engineering resource planner Dan, 25-year-old database administrator Dana, 27-year-old post-doctoral research associate Josh, 60-year-old chartered accountant Keith, 28-year-old PE and science Matty, 52-year-old retired cabin crew and volunteer Nicky, 21-year-old student Rowan, 50-year-old Intelligence analyst Saku, and 27-year-old participation officer Tasha.

Don’t miss the baking fun. Tune into The Great British Baking Show when it returns to Netflix this fall.

The Great British Baking Show, Season 11 Premiere, Friday, September 29, Netflix

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