‘Jeopardy!’ Fans React to Final Jeopardy Clue in 2020s Television Category

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As we continue the Champions Wildgame Tournament on Jeopardy!, Matt Mierswa, an attorney from River Edge, New Jersey; Andrew Chaikin, a musician & teacher from San Francisco, California; and Laura Portwood-Stacer, an editor & author originally from Livonia, Michigan went head to head. But the game all came down to the 2020s Television category in Final Jeopardy.

As the game began, Andrew quickly gained the advantage before the first break, especially after grabbing the first Daily Double, elevating his total lead to $2,600. However, things quickly changed once we came back, as Laura was able to come from third to first place at $4,400, followed by Andrew at $3,600, and Matt with $2,600 before heading into Double Jeopardy.

Although Laura had the lead and Matt was able to get a true DD on the second Daily Double of the game, Andrew was not deterred and continued playing strong. In the process, he found the third Daily Double of the game, added $5,000, and got a total of $18,200 before heading to Final Jeopardy, resecuring his lead before the final round.

Ken Jennings revealed the television category, with a clue that read as follows: “The title locale of this series is really the Belnord, dating to 1908 & located at 86th & Broadway on NYC’s Upper West Side.”

Everyone answered correctly, Only Murders in The Building, starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez. However, Andrew won, only needing to bet $42 to finish the job. He will advance to the next game with $18,242.

” Obviously, a trio of wild and crazy Hulu subscribers in today’s roster,” someone on the Jeopardy! Subreddit mentioned. However, some complained that the FJ was too “you-either-know-it-or-you-don’t,” saying there was a lot of “unhelpful fluff in the clue.” Another way to look at it, according to another user, is that it was ” a good example of a clue that is reasonably gettable, despite our increasingly fragmented media landscape, from skimming entertainment news.”

What do you think? Were you able to guess correctly? Let us know below.

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