Kathie Lee Gifford Begs Fans For Prayer

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Talk show alum Kathie Lee Gifford is begging her fans for prayers right now. The former co-host of Live and Today usually posts motivational religious phrases. She tries to encourage her followers but this time, she is asking for all the help that she can get. What is going on with the mother of two? Read on for more details.

Kathie Lee Gifford Begs Fans For Prayer

Just a short time ago, tributes were pouring in for Kathie Lee Gifford. The icon was celebrating a milestone birthday and her celeb friends had to honor her. Kris Jenner and Hoda Kotb shared throwback photos and sweet words of love for Gifford. She truly appreciated it and shared how grateful she was, sending blessings to all. This is someone who had been a television staple for decades and was now turning seventy years old. She has had a very fortunate life, marrying Frank Gifford, whom she was in love with until his untimely passing in 2015. Together, they had two children and she became a grandmother.

Kathie Lee Gifford-YouTube
Kathie Lee Gifford-YouTube

Unfortunately, she was struck by sadness and she is begging her followers for prayers. According to a recent Instagram post, Kathie Lee Gifford shared that her dear friend, Sarah Young, has been battling Lyme disease. Young is an author, whose writings are religious based. Gifford believes that she has touched many through her words therefore she is hoping that all of her followers can send a prayer up for Sarah. Kathie Lee added that Sarah Young has been suffering in silence but now she wants to help heal her the best way she knows how.

Of course, Kathie Lee Gifford’s followers were eager to jump in and help. They sent in a variety of written prayers specifically for Sarah, which was absolutely the sweetest thing ever. Others mentioned how Sarah’s book has really helped them and they actually start their days out with different parts of it. So far, it has gotten over 18K likes and is surely bound to get more. It is amazing that Kathie Lee is using her platform to help someone so special to her and she is being heard.

The Kathie Lee Legacy

For years, fans woke up to Kathie Lee Gifford and Regis Philbin until she decided to depart. That was when the search began for the new co-host. Kelly Ripa came in and filled Gifford’s shoes and has since made it her own show. However, longtime morning television watchers will always remember the Kathie Lee days.

What do you think of Kathie Lee reaching out for the sake of her friend? Does this make you like her even more? Let us know in the comments below.

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