‘King of Collectibles’ Season 2: Ken Goldin Teases ‘World-Changing’ Historical Item in His Possession

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Ken Goldin and his team return to track down rare collectibles in King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch Season 2, out June 12 on Netflix. In a world that’s getting more competitive by the minute, Goldin told TV Insider that he has to “fight harder and deeper to not only find collectibles, but to pry them away from everybody’s hands.”

The Netflix star stressed that it’s imperative for his company to “build a brand” outside of sports collectibles. “We dominate sports, but we have to be able to be at the top in comic books, in historical, in pop culture, areas that I think are going to be growing over the next several years, just like sports did over the past 10 years,” he explained. “The biggest challenge is taking my company, taking these individuals, and steering them in a slightly different direction, so we can broaden our horizons and grow Goldin as a business.”

In Season 2, Goldin and his group are “chasing a lot of video games, a lot of historical memorabilia, comic books.” He added, “Without giving it away for everybody, there is by far the most historical item—I or anybody—have ever seen in the business [that] I have in my possession. The key now is to go through the process and verify it is what it is, and if so, it could be a world-changing event. It’s that historical.”

With pop culture collectibles rising in popularity, Goldin and his crew have their eyes on key memorabilia, including one of Kate Winslet‘s dresses from Titanic and an “extremely valuable necklace” worn by Dr. Dre.

“Pop culture is rock and roll, it’s music, it’s TV, it’s movies, it’s entertainment. It encompasses everything,” Goldin explained. “Pop culture is anything from Star Wars, Titanic, Gone With the Wind, Superman, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and everything in between. Everybody out there can relate to one of those names. That’s really what pop culture is, and the availability of product, and the availability of things that you can find out there are limitless, especially because several years ago, those items were not worth a lot of money.”

He pointed out that Steve Jobs‘ autograph sold for “hundreds of thousands of dollars.” He continued, “We sold a sealed iPhone from 2007 for $80,000. So these are all things that are becoming part of pop culture and are becoming collectibles.”

King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch, Season 2 Premiere, June 12, Netflix

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