Lala Kent Reveals If There’s Romantic Feelings With Tom Schwartz

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Lala Kent recently revealed if there are any romantic feelings with Tom Schwartz. Some fans have noticed a connection between the two and are dying to know if there is something there. Lala is a strong and independent woman who does not need a man. However, could there be a possibility for a relationship with her and Tom Schwartz? Keep reading to find out what she thinks about it.

Lala Kent Is Pregnant Again

Lala Kent is pregnant again with her second child. She used a sperm donor and IUI treatments. Lala got pregnant on her first try with the treatments and is more excited than ever. Viewers saw her baby daddy choosing party on the last episode of the show. She ended up choosing a sperm donor with the help of her friends and family. However, fans recently found out the gender of the baby on social media. She’s having a girl! This means her daughter Ocean will have a little sister to play with. She has had a lot of support throughout the process.

A woman holding her growing baby bump
Lala Kent/Credit: Lala Kent Instagram

Is There Romance Between The Two?

Some fans have picked up on a romantic connection between Lala Kent and Tom Schwartz. 

“Y’all are tripping, I think Schwartzy’s terrified of me. Whenever the anniversary of my dad’s passing comes up, he always texts. [My daughter] Ocean’s birthday, he texts. He got me a really cute bracelet that says Ocean’s name, he just, like, reaches out in moments where, like, even other people who I’m close to wouldn’t reach out, and he does,”

She also talked about his new girlfriend.

“I heard the same thing, I think he confirmed that by saying that his ‘girlfriend’ dressed him for the reunion. She’s a youngin, too. I heard she’s, like, 24. Good for [him]!”

The two seem to be nothing other than good friends who want the best for each other.

Lala Kent-YouTube
Lala Kent-YouTube

It seems she does not see what fans do when it comes to a romance between them. She is close with Tom Schwartz but does not ever want to be more than friends. Lala can be honest with Tom and vice versa. However, she thinks Tom is scared of her, which is more than likely true. Sometimes Lala can be brutal in her way and there is sometimes something to fear with her. What do you think? Do you think there is something more between them? Sound off in the comments below.

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