‘Live’ Kelly Ripa’s Replacement Messes Up Big Time

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The temporary replacement for Kelly Ripa messed up in a big way last week on Live with Kelly and Mark.

As fans know, Kelly Ripa was absent on three different episodes of the talk show last week. Fortunately, her husband and co-host didn’t leave viewers at home to guess and spread rumors about why his wife was missing. Instead, the resident DJ of the show, Deja Vu, stepped in as Mark’s temporary co-host. Furthermore, Mark immediately explained what was going on.

Sadly, Kelly Ripa was feeling a little under the weather. It was causing her voice to go out a the beginning of the week. By Wednesday, she had no voice. Unfortunately, not having a voice made it impossible for her to do her job as talk show host.

Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa

Fortunately, her incredible production team was able to figure things out until she could get to a place where she was feeling better. It, however, goes without saying that Deja Vu is a DJ, not a talk show host. Regrettably, it showed when Kelly Ripa’s temporary replacement messed up so badly that production was forced to correct the situation.

What happened exactly? Keep reading for the details.

Live Kelly Ripa’s Replacement Messes Up Big Time

On a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, Deja Vu and Mark Consuelos discussed the most popular Christmas movies by state. Kicking things off, she revealed that Home Alone was the most popular choice in both Florida and New Jersey.

Live with Kelly and Mark - YouTube Screenshot
Live with Kelly and Mark – YouTube Screenshot

Things, however, got a bit confusing when she made it to California. The favorite movie of that state was listed as Edward Scissorhands. Deja Vu admitted she wasn’t sure that was a Christmas movie. Now, Mark seemed just as confused as he also admitted he didn’t know while looking around.

The temporary replacement for Kelly Ripa proceeded to take a tangent into a very hotly debated topic. A movie that some people swear is a Christmas movie and some done. “Lethal Weapon.” She said with confidence.

Deja Vu, however, was immediately cut off by the executive producer of the show named, Michael Gelman. “No, Die Hard.” He said correcting her on the movie she was referring to.

Mark Consuelos chimed in to agree Die Hard was the movie she was thinking of. After getting corrected by the producer, she asked the audience if they thought Die Hard should be considered a Christmas movie.

Unfortunately for Deja Vu, most fans of Live with Kelly and Mark are itching for Kelly to return as they don’t think she would have made that big mistake while discussing Christmas movies.

Do you think getting the name of the Christmas movie wrong was that big of a mistake? Or, are people being too hard on Deja Vu? Furthermore, are you ready for Kelly Ripa to return? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news and updates on your favorite talk shows.

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