‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6: Kenneth and Brittany Engaged? (Spoiler)

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While Love Is Blind fans can’t get enough of the Netflix hit series, their appetites will be quenched very soon. Unquestionably, fans are in for a treat with the newest season dropping on Valentine’s Day! So clear your schedules or catch it after your date with your sweetheart, but get ready for more blind action.

Love Is Blind Teases Engagement

Within the latest trailer of Love Is Blind Season 6, fans get a sneak peek to whet their appetite. Although the trailer teases that someone will get engaged, it doesn’t exactly say who. Well, it does tell fans that Kenneth Gorham a twenty-six-year-old middle school principal couples up, but doesn’t say who his fiance will be. Additionally, Amber Desiree “AD”, is another cast member within the clip who seemingly gets engaged this season as well. Both Kenneth and Amber are laughing and talking together at one point. But Kenneth is also seen chatting it up with Chelsea Blackwell and sharing deeper feelings.

Love Is Blind Being Sneaky

Adding to the suspicions, Kenneth is also in the video with his Love Is Blind fiance taking boating excursions and several other outings. While it isn’t clear who he is with, Netflix knew what they were doing by teasing these scenes. Evidently, in one angle of the boat scene, Kenneth is with a fair-skin lady with brown hair. While it might be easy to assume it is Chelsea Blackwell,  there is an important detail missing: a large floral tattoo on her right arm.

Do Kenneth And Brittany Get Engaged?

While Netflix is strategically placing flashes of Love Is Blind Season 6 to entice viewers in the preview trailer, there are many clues that fans are piecing together. In one scene, Kenneth is holding hands with a woman sporting a bright green dress. Undoubtedly, fans can identify Kenneth in the clip from his signature watch he has in multiple scenes. Additionally, his Instagram also shows the same accessory in many photos. This coupled with a promotion shared by Brittany gives fans more evidence.

Brittany Mills shows promotions for Love Is Blind. - Instagram
Brittany Mills shows promotions for Love Is Blind. – Instagram

One Love Is Blind cast member, Brittany Mills shares on her Instagram page a promotion of the upcoming show. Within her carousel of photos, it becomes apparent that she is the mysterious green-dress girl. And again, a photo of the two people holding hands is in the gallery as well. Additionally, other clues give it away as well. Brittany’s rings and bracelets match the hand-holder and the bicep tattoo looks like Kenneth’s.

Media Searching Uncovers More Information

According to Starcasm, their trusty media searching brought even more details to light. While no marriage license was located just yet, the site was able to uncover a few juicy tidbits. During the boating excursion with Kenneth, the secret fiance is wearing a blue and white bikini. But the Internet sleuth uncovered that Brittany also has a swimsuit on her Instagram that looks identical. They also spot the same bikini at another angle with hands that seem to belong to the pair. Don’t miss the Love Is Blind premiere on February 14 on Netflix.

What do you think? Will Love Is Blind Season 6 reveal that Kenneth and Brittany were in an engagement? Drop your theories below. We love to know what fans think!

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