‘Married At First Sight’ Fans Frustrated With Priorities Of Matchmakers

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Like any reality television show, drama is the name of the game for MAFS. However, there are some Married At First Sight fans who are getting rather frustrated with the priorities of the show’s matchmakers.

That’s because there are more than a few people who think things are a bit backward. There are some fans who think finding romance is no longer the key. They think that those who run the show are just looking for more and more drama.

Those fans who think that have a point.

For the past few seasons, the experimental dating series’ followers have become discouraged by the high rate of failed relationships and have become skeptical of matchmakers’ motives for the pairings made in the franchise.

From the decrease in successful marriages to the increase in chaos, fans are getting frustrated more and more.

Married At First Sight Fatigue Being Felt By Fans

More than a few fans have pointed out a trend. Recent seasons have featured fewer fruitful marriages and far more unlikeable cast members.

Season 13 demonstrated just how far the matchmakers have seemingly fallen. None of the five marriages featured in that season lasted more than a few months.

Perhaps even worse than the lack of success was that it wasn’t all that surprising. As Season 13 went on, people noticed that none of the pairings seemed to really be hitting it off. Everyone looked prime for a breakup. It turned out those breakups eventually happened.

Married at first sight

Even more frustrating for Married At First Sight fans is that things don’t seem to be going in the right direction in Season 14.

So far, based on the first couple of episodes, fans have already noted that the new cast of newlyweds doesn’t seem set up for healthy relationships. It appears to be the same formula as the last season.

One example of a poorly paired couple is Olajuwon and Katina. Olajuwon apparently has a history of cheating. Katina is still working through trust issues. Knowing that it’s hard to explain why the people setting up these couples would think that was a good pairing.

However, it does seem like a duo that could lead to plenty of arguing and drama.

More Drama Less Love

Yet another couple that seems poorly paired is Alyssa and Chris. For his part, Chris seems eager to hit it off and make it work with his new wife. On the other hand, Alyssa has said that Chris really doesn’t meet her standards for a mate.

In short, it doesn’t appear as if any of the MAFS Season 14 pairings are really about working out.

One has to wonder if eventually, the show might start to suffer. Reality TV fans start to fall away if they think they’re being played.

With people already annoyed at the priorities of Married At First Sight matchmakers, the show could take a hit.

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