‘MBFFL’ Fans Disgusted With Whitney Way Thore & Hunter, Why?

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MBFFL fans are disgusted with Whitney Way Thore and her brother, Hunter Thore but why? They have just lost their mother, Babs, and are trying to recover. So, what could they have possibly done to anger anyone at this point? More so, Season 11 has just begun so where is the drama? Read on for more details.

MBFFL Fans Disgusted With Whitney Way Thore & Hunter Why?

This season on MBFFL has already been an emotional rollercoaster for the Thore family. Hunter, Glenn, and Whitney Way Thore lost their matriarch, Babs and it was all filmed for the show. The kids knew that their father was struggling really hard with losing his longtime love. Therefore, they did the best that they could to try to help him in any way they felt best. Additionally, it was revealed that Glenn had a daughter with another woman when he was getting ready to go to the service.

Whitney Way Thore and Glenn Thore from Instagram MBFFL, TLC
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It was 1968 and she was ultimately put up for adoption but they did find her. Whitney Way Thore was adamant that he reconnect with her. In the midst of all of this, something did not sit right and fans took to Reddit to express their disdain. The OP started with this: “I know we are focused on the insensitivity to Glen- but Babs was THEIR MOTHER. Wtf is wrong with these 2? They don’t appear to feel anything.” It seems that fans do not like how Whitney and Hunter are just doing all they can to push Glenn to move on. This included clearing out Babs’ things, leaving him with nothing.

Babs My Big Fat Fabulous Life YouTube

So, what did Redditors say? One had this to say: “Exactly. Her eulogy sounded like a stand up routine. Hunters sounded like a dramatic acting audition. And their entire attitude is about having their dad get over it. It’s super unsettling and bizarre. If I lost my mom I’d be a mess for god knows how long.” Others did feel that everyone grieves differently so how they are handling it may be their way.

Acceptable Behavior

Though fans have gone in on Whitney Way Thore for her hygiene issues, they did feel that this was the one time she could lay in bed and cry. “This is the one time Whit could lay in bed and cry and no one would judge. Instead, she’s coming up with gimmicks and scenes to keep her dying show going another season or two,” they shared. It seems like the kids are doing too much to keep the show movingg and not enough to just sit in their pain.

Do you agree that this season has been a bit toxic when it comes to Whitney and Hunter’s behavior? Let us know and watch My Big Fat Fabulous Life Tuesdays on TLC.

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