Meri & Christine Brown Slam Dunk Robyn & Kody, Game Over

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Sister Wives Season 18 finale is receiving a lot of positive feedback due to the explosive scenes between Kody and his ex-wives. Many were also surprised by how the patriarch did one thing that fans had been waiting for. Furthermore, Christine and Janelle were commended for being transparent throughout the episode. Many also consider it a “game over” for Robyn and her husband. Keep reading to see why fans got on the edge of their seats during the season finale.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Finally Told Off Robyn

Many Sister Wives fans have called out Robyn for making everything about her. She often includes herself in topics that don’t have anything to do with her, especially when it comes to Kody’s struggles with the other wives. Throughout Season 18, the 45-year-old expresses how heartbroken she is by the departure of the wives. However, during the season finale, her husband finally told her off, which is also a big surprise to many.

Sister Wives Meri Robyn Kody YouTube
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  • “Finally, something actually happened! Kody telling Robyn to let him and Meri talk, without her saying Meri said this and Kody said that,” one person said.
  • “This isn’t about you Robyn. The moment they started talking about their relationship, she should have said, this is between you two, I’m going for a Starbucks,” another commenter added.

Others also pointed out how Robyn tried to walk out and probably expected to get chased by Kody. But when it didn’t work, she went back, seemingly hoping to be noticed, and even explained why she left.

Christine Exposes Kody

Christine didn’t hold back about what she thought of Kody and Robyn’s unfair relationship during the season finale. According to the Sister Wives star, Meri was forced into the marriage despite knowing that the Wyoming native no longer has interest in her.

Christine Brown YouTube
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Christine and Janelle Brown both think that what Kody did to his former first wife was cruel. Some Reddit users commended Christine for showing her stronger side. “My favorite part of episode was Christine talking about how competitive she is. “That’s why I left first, I wanted to win!” AND WIN SHE HAS,” another person added.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Slammed For Fake Tears

Aside from Christine, Meri, and Janelle’s impressive performances in the finale, some Sister Wives fans on Reddit are also calling out Robyn for her suspicious acting. According to some, she’s been “fake crying” throughout the episode. Others also slammed Kody’s only remaining wife for her statements about wanting to sit on the porch with the wives when they get older.

Robyn Brown YouTube
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  • I think she is afraid of being alone with Kody. I doubt she will ever let her kids move out, so they can sit on the porch with her!” one Reddit user said.
  • “Idk why sobyn is so set on this future porch fairytale. It’s not realistic for that many families to want to grow old next door to each other,” another commenter added.

TLC has already announced a 4-part Tell-All. The first episode of the intense one-on-one interviews will air on Sunday, November 26, 2023, on TLC.

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