Olivia Plath’s Brother Nathan Not Who Fans Think?

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Welcome to Plathville fans see a lot of of Nathan Meggs, the younger brother of Olivia Plath, but now, TLC fans wonder if he’s not what he seems to be on the surface of things. Why is that? And, if he isn’t who he seems to be, is he a better person for it? Read on to find out what’s going on.

TLC Fans Are Familiar With Olivia Plath’s Brother Nathan Meggs

Remember when Moriah moved in with Ethan and Olivia Plath when they moved to Tampa in Season 3? Max Kallschmidt wasn’t keen to relocate, but he said he’d join Moriah later. He never did, and they subsequently broke up. Anyway, the other occupant of the house was Olivia’s brother, Nathan. So, Welcome to Plathville fans think they know him a bit. However, now that Season 5 is airing, they begin to wonder if he’s who they thought her was.

Nathan Meggs and more people in Olivia Plath’s family are getting in front of the camera. Not everyone jumps for joy about it, but they do see that Olivia is at least in contact with some siblings. Bear in mind, there was talk of estrangement. Like his sister, her brother seemed pleased to walk away from a super-religious environment and he started enjoying his freedom.

Olivia Plath & Nathan Meggs- YouTube -Welcome to Plathville
Olivia Plath & Nathan Meggs- YouTube -Welcome to Plathville

Unfortunately, trouble arrived when Olivia Plath’s Brother was arrested for DUI after he attended Micah’s birthday. Pleading guilty, he faced a lesser charge of Reckless Driving.

Welcome to Plathville: Why Do TLC Fans Wonder About Nathan Meggs Now?

The driving charges seemed a bit of a puzzle for TLC fans because he has an Instagram page dedicated to his former girlfriend who was badly injured in a car accident. About three years ago, he set up a GoFundMe for her. That page is full of photos of him with her. However, it’s his private account. Redditor u/Deadskinhead took to the Reddit board and shared a screenshot of the page. Shocked, they wrote a caption that said, “Looked Olivia’s brother Nathan up on Instagram and YIKES.”

Welcome To Plathville Nathan Meggs Not What He Seems To be TLC Instagram Reddit
Welcome To Plathville Nathan Meggs’ Instagram profile – Reddit

The person who posted the screenshot of Nathan Meggs’ profile wrote, “I think there might be some internalized homophobia going on just saying.” Shockingly, the profile reads, “Anti-LGBTQIA+. Pro-life. Pro JESUS.” It also talked about how he hates “the sin,” not those who might be more gender-fluid.  It’s all about Jesus, and of course, people heard this sort of thing before from the Duggar family.

Olivia Plath And Her Brother Not Who People Think They Are?

In the comments, some people spoke about how Olivia Plath and her brother might not be quite what they appear. Remember, she wondered about her own sexuality. Actually, her brother’s bio seems to point to him being extremely conservative. A Welcome To Plathville fan wrote, “So weird to have anti lgbtq in his bio.. like even if you feel that way, why publicly announce it? He knows it’ll just cause drama and division. I’m surprised Olivia is still close with him because she seems like she is more liberal and probably supports lgbtq community.”

Interestingly, most people did not rip Nathan Meggs to pieces. That’s because when they saw him on the show recently, he wore makeup that his sisters applied. He seemed comfortable with it and some fans thought he might lean toward the gay side. One member of the community said, “That’s probably why it says it first… biggest haters and deniers are usually just hating who they are.”

Welcome To Plathville TLC YouTube Nathan Meggs Makeup
Welcome To Plathville Nathan Meggs Makeup – TLC YouTube

Are you confused by the profile? Did you think that he might have gay leanings? What about Olivia, is she really as liberal as she makes out? Let us know in the comments below Come back here often for more news about TLC’s Welcome To Plathville.

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