‘On Patrol: Live’ Fans Share Favorite Officers

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On Patrol: Live fans have taken the time to share who their favorite officers are. It is no secret that the Hazen Police Department holds a special place in viewers’ hearts. Yet, there are others that are quite beloved. So, who was hand-selected by the fans? Keep reading to find out who came out on top.

On Patrol: Live Fans Share Favorite Officers

When officers go missing from On Patrol: Live, viewers take notice right away. They send out tweets and start Reddit threads to find out when they are coming back. For example, Chief Bradley Taylor is a fan favorite and viewers are devastated when he is not around. He is a part of the Hazen Police Department and they went on a hiatus around Thanksgiving 2023. They then returned in February 2024 but went away again in April 2024. Now, they should be coming back again around this time of the year and everyone is on the edge of their seats.

Chief Bradley Taylor-Facebook
Chief Bradley Taylor-Facebook

Additionally, Danny Brown is also gone but he is said to be deployed. Fans also love Corporal Carli Drayton and missed her when she went on maternity leave. Yet, who else has become fan favorites for the show? A Reddit thread was started to discuss the ones that everyone loves. The OP wrote this:

    • Who’s your favorite officer of all time? Mine would probably be Heather Smith from Toledo. She’s always so cool and collected even when she’s dealing with difficult situations. She’s probably one of the most down-to-earth and reasonable officers who’s ever been on the show.

Other On Patrol: Live fans did agree with Heather Smith being a favorite even though one admitted they did not care for female officers. So, who else ranked well?

  • Cooper from Franklin County, OH from back in the day. Sheriff Lamb
  • Bradly Taylor!
  • Danny and Garo Brown!
  • Chief Bradley Taylor – Hazen. I love his accent and he’s very fair with people for their honesty.
  • All the K9s.
  • Downtown Danny Brown has to be up there.

The Verdict Is In

It seems that On Patrol: Live fans really like Chief Bradley Taylor and Danny Brown a lot. Yet, there were several honorable mentions along with Heather Smith, Dep. Braylyn Salmond, and Lt. Richie Maher. Someone noted that they loved the K-9s which was sweet. In the end, it seems that there is just an admiration and respect for the officers who bring the fight every week. More so, they lay down the law and do their jobs really well, making the show what it is.

Do you agree with the favorite officers or is there someone else you would have selected? Let us know and finally, watch On Patrol: Live Fridays and Saturdays on Reelz.

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