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The previous few episodes of Particles have been plowing forward at a largely good tempo and with a number of intriguing items on the desk.
Episode 1.08 Spaceman is generally a straight ahead episode with the primary half stuffed with motion, as a sudden twist in the beginning of the episode slingshots the narrative ahead. We left off within the earlier episode with the CIA believing they’ve discovered Dr. George Jones whereabouts through Anson Ash’s recollections and are about to ship Bryan, Finola, and different Orbital tactical members to this alleged INFLUX experimentation compound. It was no shock that M16 would wish to get their palms on Jones and had ordered Finola and one other agent to enact an extraction plan, however what was really surprising was that the CIA did not need Jones in any respect, they wished him eradicated!

In fact it’s left to Bryan and one other member of the CIA to hold out this plan, however realizing that Finola is true, that they can not actually belief both of their handlers or businesses, Bryan tells Finola immediately and Bryan in the end chooses to assist Finola save Jones!

It takes time to seek out the best way into underground facility the place clearly many individuals had been being experimented on, however issues find yourself understanding in such a method, that neither one in all their companions are able to disclose to their handlers that Bryan and Finola discovered Jones and are going to try to run with him with out letting the CIA know.

Within the meantime M16 Agent Brill has been left to intercept Jones and Finola, aside of the abstraction, which they by no means present up. And if anybody doubted that Brill has one thing “wired” happening, their doubts ought to of subsided, as Brill appears to be utilizing a clone as a solution to “heal” himself from one thing we do not but perceive. The scene (oh-so-familiar to Fringe followers) was really horrific as he used his clones pores and skin to put on his personal, and his clone gave the impression to be struggling within the course of!!! We do not actually know what is going on on right here and if “Brills” may of been switched already, however I’ll focus on extra within the Fringe Issue part!

The remainder of the episode from the purpose they discover Jones would not do as a lot character growth for Finola, because it most likely ought to, however there’s one plot twist and a plot set-up for the subsequent few episodes!

Because it seems Jones has a chunk of particles in his eye and allegedly that is how he was reanimated again to life!! He additionally appears to not keep in mind a lot about sure issues that got here earlier than, claiming that the particles implant could have effected the usage of sure components of his mind, however what Jones does keep in mind is that INFLUX is on the lookout for a really particular piece of particles, –a sport changer, and Jones can construct a scanner to seek out it!

Not like 1.08, 1.09’s White Tulip Do You Know Icarus, takes viewers to far more intriguing place.

The episode begins out with Bryan and Finola taking George to Gary Garcia, one other early member of Oribital who was faraway from the group after an incident involving the particles left him injured. In line with Jones, Garcia has all the sources he must make his scanner, however earlier than the viewers can actually study to far more, (which usually stays true for the remainder of the episode), Bryan and Finola are referred to as to a brand new particles occasion, not far-off.

Bryan and Finola go to Oceanside believing that Maddox believes that nothing is flawed, that Jones is lifeless…

However what this case seems to be about is a few younger man named Shelby who discovered a chunk of particles in a lake subsequent to his mother and father’ home, and it has the flexibility to ship somebody again in time…no, truly, ship somebody again to different iterations of the timeline a couple of hours earlier than. However someway on one in all these journeys, when Shelby got here again, he discovered his twin sister is lacking and as a substitute he has a bit of brother!

Because it seems some model of Finola and Bryan have visited Shelby many occasions over, just for Shelby to dive into the lake and check out once more! Viewers find yourself witnessing a number of extra of those, some with relatively alternate variations, with Bryan coming to Shelby’s house being the stable fixed. In a number of variations Bryan finds himself hilariously with totally different companions. In some iterations Jones is lifeless, and that issues as a result of Shelby retains attempting to speak to Jones about how he can reset this timeline so he can find yourself with a actuality together with his twin sister again, however many occasions Jones warns that the extra Shelby does this, the extra the material of the universe will deteriorate!

In the direction of the tip of the episode nonetheless, Jones begins to conclude that not solely does the colour Shelby sees matter in figuring out what actuality he leads to, or that his sister can briefly be seen within the mirror as proof of the material of the universe’s breakdown, however furthermore the particles could also be taking part in on Shelby’s wishes, that maybe some a part of him did not need his sister to be there!

Shelby as soon as once more goes diving for the particles, however this time Bryan follows him and finds himself in one other actuality with but once more one other accomplice, however for Bryan, who like Shelby remembers what got here earlier than, he cannot shake what has occurred to him.

When he and his new accomplice Lee Grace confront Shelby once more, Bryan has an entire meltdown, taking every part out on Shelby. Grace thinks he is fully uncontrolled and calls it in. Bryan proves that a few of issues he’s saying is true and is ready to get in touch with an alternate model of Finola.

Regardless of every part, Finola behaves just about the identical, however would not totally join with Bryan till he takes concerning the Soldier and Penguin story her dad had talked about within the earlier iteration. 

The episode then ends on a mass cliffhanger with Bryan caught on this alternate actuality the place he finally ends up starting to profess his emotions for his Finola to other—explaining, he has to get again to her!

The Fringe Issue:

Whereas there wasn’t a lot one specific episode that got here to thoughts throughout 1.08, there certainly was a number of acquainted plots taken from Fringe. Clearly, as talked about a number of occasions earlier than in earlier evaluations, Jones appears to be both a [blue] Walter Bishop or William Bell sort, regardless of his and Finola’s surname performs to ZFT villain David Robert Jones.

However actually each of those episodes closely play on the Fringe dynamics between Walter, Bell, Jones, and Thomas Jerome Newton after we throw Agent Brill into the combo.

However whom is whom continues to be fairly unclear, though Dr. George Jones positively appears to taking part in to the damaged Walter sort (minus the levity), particularly after we look to an early plot the place Walter’s gray matter was eliminated by Bell, in order that ZFT couldn’t work out tips on how to discover Walter’s dismantled portal that enables one to cross universes.

And whereas Gary Garcia would not appear to be as myopic as William Bell, he is nonetheless performing as a useful resource man to George’s brilliance in which there’s lacking story about their work earlier than Oribital was co-opted by the CIA similar to Fringe’s Kelvin Genetics (cortexifan trials) and/or Huge Dynamic.

Talking of Brill and Newton, Roche’s scene in 1.08 is was fairly disturbing, however relatively acquainted. In Fringe Thomas Jerome Newton was the chief of the shapeshifters and appear to exist by barely totally different expertise that was utilized by different shapeshifters. One level of utilizing shapeshifter in Fringe was about taking a look at identification and the way it may stolen from another person, which turns into a HUGE ongoing Fringe group whether or not we’re taking shapeshifters, espionage infiltration ways by dopplegangers in an alternate universe, recollections taken or obtained, or even when someway one acutely aware to override one other’s.

Nonetheless it is not clear what’s occurring with Brill –If like a couple of different characters he is skilled injury from utilizing the particles?? However similar to his Fringe character, Brill appears ruthless in his strategies to heal himself and that’s one thing now we have seen in different characters too like Agent Maddox and even maybe INFLUX, ought to we consider they facility Jones was at was actually theirs and/or Jones or Garcia could not nonetheless behind INFLUX’ inception.

I am nonetheless holding out that Brill may very well be misunderstood alien. In any case Jones made level that he believes that particles was reward the aliens gave to humanity, a sentiment shared by Anson Ash, however once more, similar to Brill, the CIA/Maddox, INFLUX’s strategies appear query extraordinarily questionable. 

As for 1.09 Do You Know Icarus, Fringe episode White Tulip is the clear entrance runner for the obvious episode reference.

White Tulip was an episode a few man who was capable of flip himself right into a time machine, the place he was attempting to assortment sufficient vitality to go additional and additional again into the time line to be able to save somebody he liked from dying in a automotive crash…by the tip of the episode, Walter convinces him that he wanted to settle for his destiny and to make an apology. Walter had additionally divulged what he had completed after he misplaced his son, Peter. He was capable of to see into an alternate universe the place the alternate Peter was additionally sick, so he created a portal to cross universes, regardless of understanding it could start to tear the material between them to be able to carry a treatment he had discovered to late to treatment the opposite Peter.

However what ensued was Walter breaking the vile and kidnapping the opposite Peter and elevating him in his personal universe as his son. Actually an excessive amount of Fringe depends on these actions and is prime to Walter’s redemption story and the center of Fringe. On the finish of the episode Walter receives a White Tulip drawn on paper from Alister (the person time touring) that comes off as mysterious image from the unknown, (as a result of it is a new iteration of the blue timeline) that Walter is aware of means he will likely be forgiven because of Peck.

The white tulip theme runs by way of Fringe in such episodes as Topic 13 when baby Peter and Olivia had unknowing ran away collectively and sat out in a discipline of White Tulips…

In Do You Know Icarus, we actually see white tulips within the opening scene, however now we have a time loop episode, the place somebody is attempting to vary their wishes again to save lots of somebody they’ve know misplaced, however not simply with one character, however now two. Actually Bryan’s entire scenario is fairly just like when Olivia lastly tells Peter her emotions earlier than being swapped out for the alternate Olivia on the finish of season and even Peter’s season four arc the place he begins to bleed by way of and reprint onto an already current blue universe. The best way Walter describes retro casualty as “the occasion earlier than the trigger” or the best way Walter sees Peter within the mirror could be very comparable, if not an identical idea.

It is not totally clear but, since this episode ended on a cliff hanger, if we’re solely coping with iterations of the identical universe, or if we are literally crossing universe, however Jones mentioning of the colour spectrum, which appears to level to an “amber-esque” spectrum may very well be telling of one thing, if not now later, as Fringe’s season four blue universe was generally known as “amber timeline/universe”.

There may be additionally the little parallel that we study that Maddox’ son was injured in automotive accident that his spouse feels chargeable for, similar to Alistor Peck.

As well as I felt just like the Soldier and Penguin story is prefer it’s personal white tulip when it comes to one thing significant that might possibly run by way of Particles with deeper which means? We’ll see–but the notion about Bryan being ‘the selfless soldier’ may level out that Bryan can “reset” or get again to a timeline he is aware of, if he chooses it, very similar to Peter within the Wave Sync Gadget. I form of love the concept Bryan could possibly reset the timeline not only for himself, however for Shelby and that he may lastly begin altering as soon as he does…

However simply shortly to level out another issues that are not precisely Fringey, the episode title particularly is curious.

In Greek mythology Icarus was the son of a well-known craftsman who was given wings, however was warned by his father to not fly too excessive. He did not hear and misplaced his wings and fell into the ocean and drowned.

I really feel like this can be a good metaphor for the alien expertise, particularly if Jones is true about their intentions and anybody may very well be Icarus, however alternatively now we have Jones and Garcia to contemplate as Oribital’s fathers–and we do not essentially know what the aliens wished or if this one thing they supposed.

LOST and Particular person of Curiosity are two Dangerous Robotic works that additionally used Greek Mythology as references or metaphors and talking of LOST there was one thing about Shelby and his eventual honesty about how had felt about his twin sister that jogged my memory enormously of Shannon & Boone. (and the identify Shelby form of makes one consider the seaside or ocean, does it not? And the particles was positioned at “ocenaside” Washington, –Not in Portland!!)

Observe: now we have a pair of characters identify George Jones and Gary Garcia. On LOST one of the crucial essential characters when it comes to whom in the end takes management of the Island ultimately was Hurley “Hugo” Reyes performed by Jorge Garcia. And whereas Jorge shouldn’t be pronounced like George, you can see how somebody would possibly get it flawed. However Hurley turned the chief ultimately, as a result of he was the most effective well-intended and a personality that needed to study that he may make his personal destiny, or that every part wasn’t essentially a curse. If this potential reference would get personified someway, then this might play into what Jones was saying concerning the debris-tech and it simply issues HOW humanity chooses to make use of it!

And lastly, I additionally considered Battlestar Galactica and Caprica with the setting remincent of housing on New Caprica (Balter, Greystones). Undecided what precisely this could be hinting at (aliens are coming, the aliens are actually people from one other time or place? Identical to 13th Tribe or Fringe’s First Individuals idea???), but when there’s one factor I realized from these collection, is that if It occurred earlier than, it is going to occur once more…and once more…and once more.

Whereas I believed episode 1.08 was common and will of used Jones higher, I believed 1.09 was superb. I for one, like cliff hanger endings, and might’t watch for subsequent week to see the place this goes and if Bryan will likely be in a position “reset” his method out of it!

What did you suppose? Get pleasure from theses episodes? Any theories? What do anybody suppose is happening with m16? Any reference I missed? Hold forth within the feedback beneath!

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