‘Primo’: Mike Schur Teases Season 2 Potential, Hopes for ‘Very Long Future’

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[Spoiler Alert: The below contains spoilers from Primo Season 1.]

Amazon Freevee‘s new comedy Primo may only have eight episodes streaming in its first season, but work is well underway on a second yet-to-be-ordered season, according to executive producer Mike Schur.

The creative behind shows like Parks and Recreation and The Good Place tells TV Insider, “We’ve written most of Season 2.” When we spoke to Schur, it was prior to the announcement of the WGA Writers Strike, and he admitted then that “we don’t know if it’s gonna get ordered,” but added, “We’re obviously hopeful.”

The cast of 'Primo' Season 1

(Credit: Jeff Neumann/Amazon Freevee)

Debuting Friday, May 19, the series centers around Rafa (Ignacio Diaz-Silverio), a high-schooler being raised by a single mom and his five uncles. Primo was created by Shea Serrano, who utilizes aspects of his own childhood experiences to fold into Rafa’s story. “What we found is in writing Season 2, it broke incredibly quickly,” Schur reveals. “Every time someone had an idea it was like, ‘Ooh, here we go!’… And that is always the sign of a good show,” he adds, noting the ease with which stories came to mind for another season.

And the writing wasn’t for nothing, “Freevee paid for us to actually write it,” Schur confirmed. “It’s all ready to go at a second’s notice.” While a renewal remains unclear, should that news come, the show’s return wouldn’t likely take long following the end of the ongoing strike. As for what makes Primo work, Schur says, “All of the best comedies I think in history are, at their core, pretty simple. It’s spending time with people week after week. You want to create a scenario where people just want to spend time with the characters, and this show is no different.”

As for where the story may head next, viewers are left with a small cliffhanger when Rafa and his next-door neighbor and crush, Maya (Stakiah Washington), decide to become a couple. What could it mean? Hailing from a family who moves around constantly, Maya tells Rafa that they’ll be moving again in two months.

Deciding the relationship was worth the potential sacrifice of their emotions in the long term; it feels like there’s plenty of material to work with. “It’s got a potentially very long future,” Schur confirmed. “We’re just crossing our fingers that it connects with people.”

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