‘Reservation Dogs’: Elora Needs to Find Her Dad to Go to College in First Look (VIDEO)

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Times are changing for the Reservation Dogs in an exclusive first look at the show’s penultimate episode, “Elora’s Dad,” as Elora Danan (Devery Jacobs who also wrote this episode) works on enrolling in college courses.

In the sneak peek clip, above, the process is anything but smooth as Elora hits some roadblocks when it comes to financial assistance. “There are no more scholarships available. Looks like they took ’em all up,” the counselor (John Parker) helping Elora says bluntly, before adding, “I mean, that’s just what happens when you’re an older student.”

“I’m not older,” Elora counters defensively in the segment, above. “Yeah,” the counselor responds, “but it’s better to come here right after high school. I mean, there’s still financial aid available.” When they acknowledge that Elora’s mother is dead, they note, “We’ll just need your father’s financial information.”

Reservations Dogs - John Parker

(Credit: FX)

The request is one that Elora can’t quite comprehend as she says, “I don’t have a dad.”

“Girl, like your mom’s a virgin?” the counselor backfires. “Shoot, the last time I heard that story was when our lord Jesus Christ was born now.

“What? No. I just, I don’t live with him, I’ve never lived with him,” Elora counters flustered.

“You got a daddy. He’s on your birth certificate,” the counselor continues to push.

“I just… I don’t even know him, I don’t know how I’m supposed to get that information,” Elora tries again, but her words fall on unconvinced ears.

“Dang, you kids always thinking I’m your therapist,” the faculty member says. “Now, listen. You ain’t the first to not have no daddy. But, you’re gonna need a daddy to get this cheddar,” they say, making it clear Elora’s going to have to take action in order to get into school.

So, Elora will have to find her father Rick. As viewers learned earlier this season, he’s a white man who is still connected socially with Elora’s aunt Teenie (Tamara Podemski). As the episode’s title insinuates, Elora will find him, but how will their reunion unfold? Tune into the show’s penultimate installment to find out, and in the meantime, check out the fun sneak peek clip, above.

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