Richard Linklater Addresses Possible ‘Hit Man’ Sequel & Glen Powell’s Rom-Com King Status (VIDEO)

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Hit Man.]

Hit Man is the movie everyone is talking about. In his latest dynamite role, Glen Powell stars as Gary Johnson, a college professor who becomes a fake hitman for the local police department. He takes down would-be criminals who have their eyes on murder. Gary’s life gets turned upside down when he meets a beautiful “client” named Madison (Adria Arjona), who wants him to kill her estranged husband.

They quickly get caught up in a passionate affair. But here’s the catch: Madison falls for Ron, one of Gary’s debonair hitman personas. Gary’s secret gets out, but these two just can’t stay away from each other. After some much-needed confessions and intense hijinks (and an incredible, award-worthy scene featuring the Notes app), Madison and Gary get their happily ever after.

Since they make such a great team, much to the credit of Powell and Arjona’s electric chemistry, and the hype around Hit Man, could a sequel be on the horizon? Director Richard Linklater, who co-wrote the film with Powell, revealed to TV Insider that he’s not planning for a sequel—at the moment.

“It’s a little too new. No one’s even seen this movie yet, so I don’t know,” Linklater told TV Insider ahead of the movie’s release. “Yeah, who knows, but nothing jumped out. We felt like we told this story. But, you know, who knows?”

While a Hit Man sequel doesn’t appear to be headed our way, Linklater hopes to work with Powell again. Hit Man marks the director and actor’s fourth collaboration together.

“We definitely think about it in theory,” the Boyhood director said about another movie with Powell. “Like, God, we got to make another movie. We really like working with each other. But, yeah, nothing currently on the boards.”

Linklater added, “He’s busy. I’m busy. But you know, if we’re lucky, it’ll circle around quick enough, and we will be doing something. I don’t know yet what that’d be.”

With the fan-favorite Set It Up, the success of Anyone But You, and now Hit Man, Powell has become a treasure in the world of romance movies. So, does Linklater see him as the next rom-com king?

“Well, [it’s] not for me to say. I think Glen could be the king of whatever he does,” the Oscar winner said. “I’m just proud of him because he’s worked so hard. He’s persevered. He’s so naturally gifted, such a special talent. I’m glad that he’s kind of getting there on his own, you could say. He’s not a superhero. He’s not getting famous for anything other than playing good roles that he has kind of earned. He’s not plopped into some other universe. So I don’t know, I’m really proud of him, happy for him.”

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