‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Does Garrick Merrifield Have A Job?

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Seeking Sister Wife fans already find Garrick Merrifield extremely questionable. He convinced his wife that God told him polygamy was their calling. More so, he never cared how she felt or if she was jealous, he just wanted his cake and to eat it too. With the constant trips to Mexico and the new home they are building, a new question has popped up. Does Garrick have a job and, if he does, just what exactly is it?

Joining Seeking Sister Wife

Garrick and Dannielle joined the show last season. He had a calling from God that he was meant to have more than one wife so he approached his wife. They had been married for over a decade but it had been a struggle at times. Finally, she prayed upon it and agreed to start looking for a new wife. The duo went online to a polygamist site where they found Roberta from Brazil. After some time, their family met her and her mom in Mexico, and after night two, he proposed. To make it easier for her to get to America, Dannielle and Garrick got divorced so he could ultimately marry Bert. They then returned to Mexico for an extended vacation so he and Bert could get to know each other more intimately.

Seeking Sister Wife/TLC

Unfortunately, they were intimate right after they invited Dannielle in for a sleepover but did not tell her. This caused some awkwardness when it finally came out but Dannielle played it cool despite jealousy bubbling up. Upon returning home, the pandemic hit and it was hard to find Bert. She did get the virus so it was imperative that the wedding was postponed and babymaking was put first. However, no one consulted Dannielle and the family headed back to Mexico. It was unclear how all of that went until this season premiered.

How Do They Afford It All?

This season, Garrick revealed he and Dannielle have not seen Bert in over a year. They headed to Mexico to have a non-binding commitment ceremony with her but that was all she wrote. Since then, she has received her visa but is still in Brazil so they started courting a new potential named Lea. At the same time, they are building a new lavish and larger home to accommodate everyone but how can they afford all of this? Just on the TLC salary? Starcasm has all of the answers.

Seeking Sister Wife/TLC

Garrick actually owns his own business, Merrifield Custom Builders, Inc. He bills himself as both the President and registered agent for the company which started in 2017. Services provided include custom homes, landscaping, remodels, etc so yes, he did most of the work on their new digs. In fact, Starcasm learned that most of the imaging they use to show off what the business can do are of their own home. Makes sense to be both the President and the client. Yet it is unclear what other work he has done as they only have three reviews and they are crypto bots. Seems they are their own best customers.

Do you think this is a valid answer for how they can afford to travel so much? Or just a bunch of smoke and mirrors? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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