Shannon Beador Ex Breaks Silence On ‘RHOC’ Star’s DUI

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Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador was in a serious DUI accident on Saturday night. While she claims she left dinner with some friends when she had the accident, her location was questionable.  Her DUI accident was near her ex-boyfriend John Janssen’s house.

Here is what John had to say about Shannon’s accident and their current relationship.

John Janssen talks Shannon Beador’s DUI crash

There are a lot of rumors going around that Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador was back with her ex-boyfriend John Janssen. These rumors picked up steam when Shannon had her DUI auto crash last Saturday night. That night, Shannon had dinner and drinks with friends at a local restaurant. She left and reportedly headed to John’s house. Her accident and DUI arrest took place near his home.

Shannon Beador / YouTube

Adding to the building rumors, John and Shannon were seen together on Wednesday and reached out and spoke to John about his current relationship with Shannon. He gave the statement “We are friends, I care about her.” He also denied that the two had had a fight the night of her arrest. When asked if they had a fight that night and that was what caused her to drive wreckless, John said “no comment” to that question.

There is also no word on whether John was even home when Shannon dropped by or if he wasn’t there and she left, getting in the accident. One source told that Shannon was obsessed with John and she was humiliated when they broke up. “It’s obvious she was at his house or passing by it on the night she was arrested,” the source said.

John Janssen taking care of Shannon Beador right now

According to sources, Bravo has instructed Shannon Beador not to go outside her home and not to let anyone take a photo of her face. This is why some recent photos showed John helping Shannon into her home, and her face remained covered the entire time. It is clear there was damage to her face and Bravo wants to protect her image. The source said her face hit the steering wheel, so this is likely bruising and not cuts or gashes.

Shannon Beador / YouTube

It also appears she might have an arm injury as John had to help her open the door when she went to visit him at his home on Tuesday. Kelly Dodd went to visit Shannon and mentioned on her Patreon that John answered the door when she showed up.

John has been helping her since then. He went to drop off a bag of laundry on Friday to be cleaned and then went to the grocery store for some wine and a bag of food to take back to Shannon’s house. He then spent about an hour with Shannon before leaving and going back home.

Do you think John Janssen and Shannon Beador are back together? What are your thoughts on Shannon’s DUI crash? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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