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After taking some time off for the Thanksgiving holidays, Shark Tank returns tonight with a brand-new episode. One of the new products pitched to the Sharks is a company called Black Paper Party. This is a company by three women who want to spread cheer through diversity during the holidays.

Here is a look at Black Paper Party from Shark Tank and where you can buy it.

What is Black Paper Party on Shark Tank?

J’Aaron “Jae” Merchant, Jasmine Hudson, and Madia Willis co-founded Black Paper Party when they realized there weren’t many options for wrapping paper and holiday decorations depicting Black families and their experiences. They took their frustration and acted on it by creating their own company. The purpose of Black Paper Party is to introduce more Black representation into the holiday season.

Black Paper Party products

The three women involved have over 25 years of combined experience in retail, creative design, product development, and illustration work. Jae is the CCO and she is an illustrator and animator from the U.S. Virgin Islands. Her part in the business is the visual storytelling. Jasmine is the CMP and she has helped launch national brands and products in the past. Madia is the CEO and she is a textile designer.

The three women started Black Paper Party in 2020, originally by using Print on Demand before incorporating. They introduced wrapping paper, home goods, ornaments, and other holiday products depicting Black families. Two years later, the company won the Macy’s Vendor Pitch Competition, as well as the Amazon Black Business Accelerator Award. They have been promoted on the Today Show, Kelly Clarkson Show, Ebony, Bloomberg, and more.

Where can you buy Black Paper Party from Shark Tank?

Anyone who wants to learn more after seeing Black Paper Party on Shark Tank can visit their official website at blackpaperparty.com. Right on the front page of the site is the Shark Tank bundle, which includes a four-pack of Christmas Gift Wrap and Accessories for $40.

More Black Paper Party Products on Shark Tank

The website offers everything from wrapping paper, stockings, and ornaments to gift bags, tags & stickers, ceramics, apparel, and home fragrances. The wrapping paper is on sale now for as low as $5 and ornaments run around $34, with sets available for $75. There are also smaller ornaments for as low as $11.88 (on sale).

The company also has a deal in place with Walmart. They offer Christmas Jar Candles for $7.88, Wax Melts for $3.48, and assorted ornaments for various prices, although there is no wrapping paper listed on that website. They also sell their products at Macy’s and Target. It also appears they have assorted products on sale at Dollar General and Family Dollar stores.

What are your thoughts on Black Paper Party from Shark Tank? Do you think it was worth the Sharks’ attention? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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