Shocking Screenshots Prove Jax Taylor Cheated On Brittany Cartwright?

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Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor’s split has been a hot topic of conversation among Vanderpump Rules fans. News of the couple’s breakup broke in February 2024. Since then, there have been subtle hints online that Jax is trying to win Brittany back. However, it seems like Brittany is mostly focused on co-parenting their son, Cruz, together. Now, shocking screenshots reveal that Jax Taylor may have actually been cheating on Brittany Cartwright all along. Continue reading to see the evidence.

Texts Detail Jax Cheating On Brittany Cartwright

A video was shared to a Vanderpump Rules subreddit dishing the details about the screenshots. Instagram user stephwithdadeets talked about a post on X that Jax Taylor made recently, telling people to ask Brittany Cartwright who she has been sleeping with over the last four months. Steph then says it may be the exact opposite: fans should be asking Jax that question.

She continued by saying that she received a message from a woman who would like to remain anonymous. In the message, the woman said that she had a lot of information about Jax being with other girls in April, claiming to have receipts of everything that was said.

Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, and son Cruz - Instagram
Instagram/Brittany Cartwright

Jax Taylor recently liked a post on Instagram about winning Brittany back. At the same time, he was apparently sleeping with other women. Despite being worried about outing herself as the source, the woman shared several incriminating screenshots.

The night before his son’s birthday party, the woman said that she had pictures of herself in his bed (the same bed he shares with Brittany Cartwright). On top of that, she has text exchanges with Jax about the night they spent together.

Jax Taylor’s Texts Are Pretty Incriminating

Text messages from April 11 show the woman notifying Jax that she has arrived at their home and he tells her to come through the gate. The next morning Jax texts her asking if it is “too soon” before telling her that he smells like her.

Later that day, he texts her again saying, “All I can think about this eating your a**.” He continued saying, “It just tastes so good… and those toes.” After more flirty conversation, he tells the woman to “come over tonight.”

They also sent selfies back and forth to each other. Jax Taylor posed for a selfie in the mirror, telling her he was at a “crazy hippie wedding.” Steph shared that the woman also sent over a photo of herself in Jax’s bed, confirming everything she shared was true.

In the comments, Reddit users were eager to drag Jax for being exposed this way. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Jax had sex with 1/2 catering staff, a bartender, and the clown at his son’s birthday party,” one person wrote. 

Another Reddit user commented, “[Y’all] are kidding yourselves if you think there was ever one moment of that relationship where Jax wasn’t cheating on Britt lol.” A third person chimed in, “Also Brittany won’t leave him even after this. Guarantee she’ll just say these women are after 15mins of fame or whatever.”

What do you think about the texts that were shared? Are you surprised to learn that Jax Taylor likely cheated on Brittany Cartwright? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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