‘Sister Wives’ Fans Rip Kody For Instilling Fear In Kids Against Police

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Undeniably, Sister Wives fans pick up on the strong fear that Kody Brown and the four sister wives instilled in their children. Namely, one major area of fear was toward the Lehi police. Although some fear was natural as a plural family, many fans are ripping Kody for the deep fear they have against police.

Sister Wives Shows The Brown Family’s Fear Of The Police

While Sister Wives‘ primary focus from the beginning was to give outsiders a glimpse of plural living, it has grown into a full-blown community of viewers. As time has gone on, it is hard not to look back and question some of the early actions that Kody Brown chose during the most formative years of his children’s lives. Some of the fans remember the presentation of Lehi police being a huge threat to the family. Undoubtedly, the family was living outside the laws of the state and took their polygamous family public. Without a doubt, most of the fear was from seeing other families historically separating after prosecution. But fans are ripping Kody for the extreme position he had against the police in the early seasons.

Meri, Robyn, Kody, Janelle, and Christine Brown fear the family will be split up. - Sister Wives
Meri, Robyn, Kody, Janelle, and Christine Brown fear the family will have to separate. – Sister Wives

Sister Wives Fans Rip Kody Brown For Instilling Fear

Revisiting some of the past episodes, one Sister Wives fan starts a Reddit thread about the family instilling fear in the children from a young age. They say, “So I am rewatching Sister Wives and maybe I’m completely off base here, but the fear that these 5 adults are instilling in their children regarding law enforcement is mind blowing. Let’s face facts, Polygamy was illegal in Utah (I live in Utah, so I get it). Kody made a choice to ‘marry’ 4 women. They made a choice to put their lives on television and they should have expected blow back. It just makes me sad for the kids. No one should have that kind of fear in them. The adults ripped them away from everything in Lehi and then again in Las Vegas. Kody and the wives have a history of poor decision making.”

Other Fans Give Their Thoughts On The Situation

After the initial post about Meri, Janelle, Christine, Robyn, and Kody Brown promoting fear in the kids, other Sister Wives fans give their thoughts. Some believe Kody was amping up the dramatic just for show.

  • “100%! It was done for dramatic effect. That being said, he KNEW he was breaking the law when he went public, how is it that he thought that basically going public and thumbing his nose at law enforcement would work out for him!”
  • “And if there was a true threat of being arrested, moving to Nevada would have done absolutely nothing. All states have extradition agreements. Sure it may have taken an extra day or two to get the paperwork done, but if Utah wanted to prosecute, they would have, whether or not they were still in Utah. They moved to Nevada, not Russia. They put those kids through absolute chaos for no reason. Just poor planning and need for drama.”
Sister Wives fans rip Kody Brown for amping up fear. - Reddit
Sister Wives fans rip Kody Brown for amping up fear. – Reddit

Sister Wives Fans Believe Kody’s Actions Cause Pain For The Children

Many of Sister Wives fans recognize that the Brown kids have been through the wringer. For instance, growing up with the subjection to most of their family drama being on TV.

  • “The kids are collateral damage. Their lives get upended because the adults can’t get it together. If you choose polygamy, then you’re obviously going to face some sort of blowback, whether it’s by the cops or just people you live around.”

Police in Lehi
byu/Standard-Note718 inSisterWives

What do you think? Was Kody Brown’s fear of the police primarily to amp up ratings? Do you think it instilled fear in the kids against the police from a young age? Do you think the Browns still fear the police? Are you hoping to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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