‘American Idol’ Fans Say Current Judges Aren’t As Honest As OGs

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Fans are noticing a huge difference between American Idol now and how it was when the show first started on Fox. In the original series, judges like Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson were often brutally honest in their critiques of singers. However, the current judges on the show seem almost scared to say anything overly negative about the singers.

Here is how American Idol has changed and what fans think about the differences in the judges’ attitudes.

Is American Idol Kinder To Contestants Now?

Nothing is wrong with being kind on a reality TV singing competition show. However, some fans feel it has gone too far. One thing that shows like American Idol are supposed to do is find the stars of the future. It should also prepare them for a career in the music industry.

American Idol: Luke Bryan - Katy Perry

With that said, many fans have complained that the judges on the show now are scared to say anything bad about the singers. In comparison, many fans of the OG series often complained about the opposite, saying Simon Cowell was too cruel to the contestants in his brutal honesty.

However, if the judges aren’t honest with the singers, will those singers succeed in the cutthroat world of the music industry? It is even harder on American Idol because there have been times when Katy Perry mentioned a singer needed to work on something, and fans online complained she was being “too mean.” Where is the line drawn?

Fans Lash Out At Current American Idol Judges’ Being Too Nice

Fans do not like that the judges on American Idol seem almost scared to make harsh comments to the contestants. Many viewers believe that they often don’t help the singers because the judges won’t make honest assessments of their singing talents.

Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan appear on 'American Idol' | Courtesy of ABC

However, many of these same fans felt that the original judges — specifically Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson — gave much more helpful advice to singers who wanted to advance their careers after American Idol. An entire Reddit thread broke it down.

  • “The best part of the OG American idol was the genuine (at times cruel) criticism from the judges.”
  • “Randy and Simon were record producers first, then judges. They looked at contestants in terms of ‘would this make money if I signed them based on this performance?’”
  • “It makes it so aggravating now when the judges tell everybody that they’re so good. We need more honesty.”
  • “The judges on DWTS have no issue being critical though. So, it’s weird. Why have judges if they aren’t going to actually do their job?”

Interestingly, it isn’t just American Idol that has simmered down the harsh comments. Simon Cowell, the harshest of the OG judges, is much kinder and easygoing on America’s Got Talent than he ever was on AI.

Do you think the current American Idol judges are going too easy on the contestants? Do you miss the cruel, yet honest previous judges on the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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