‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Boyfriend Seen After Disappearance?

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was back in the news recently when her fiance, Gary Wyat disappeared. The two have been dating since early 2024, but they have kept their relationship private. Fans of the show have just learned about the two, but now there is trouble. After an alleged fight, Gary left and became listed as a “missing person.”

However, Gary has now been spotted in a completely different state. Here is what you need to know about the latest Teen Mom drama.

Amber Portwood Fiance Found In Oklahoma?

Amber Portwood and her new fiance, Gary Wayt, had an argument on Sunday while they were in North Carolina. According to reports, the two were at Amber’s brother  Shawn’s wedding to his longtime girlfriend, Rachel Williams, when the argument occurred. Gary grabbed his keys and left. No one had heard from him since that moment.

Amber Portwood/Credit: YouTube
Amber Portwood/Credit: YouTube

The Sheriff’s Department confirmed, “We are still trying to find him at the moment. He’s been missing since June 9.” He has now been located. While he was in North Carolina with Amber when he disappeared, he has been located in Oklahoma, where he was seen on Tuesday (via The U.S. Sun).

“We know he is not in this area; we know he is driving his vehicle. We have confirmed that he is in a different state,” law enforcement officers said about his disappearance. It is a 10-hour drive from where he was in North Carolina to his recent location in Oklahoma.

It is unclear if Gary even knows he is a “missing person.” He didn’t take his phone, so no one could reach him.

Amber Portwood Upset After Gary’s Disappearance

The Teen Mom star had kept quiet about it until her ex-fiance, Gary Shirley, called out for help, hoping Gary Wyat would turn up safe. After this, Amber finally reached out to the press and gave some comments.

Amber Portwood-YouTube
Amber Portwood-YouTube

Amber denies that she and Gary ever had an explosive fight, as it was reported. She also says she has no idea where he is and that he is a “missing person.” She said she only knows that he stopped at a Walgreens on June 9.

Amber insists that she has grown a lot, and their relationship is not physically abusive. Amber had many legal problems with her and Gary Shirley’s relationship in the past, and this news brought up memories of that. She did admit there was a “discussion” before he left because “his family is Vietnamese and she is not.”

Are you surprised that Amber Portwood’s fiance, Gary Wayt, showed up in a different state after their argument? What do you think is happening with the Teen Mom star? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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