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The Voice often teams up with other TV shows and movies. This is a way to promote both of them to a wider audience. The singing competition show promotes other shows on NBC or films made by its parent companies. That happened on Monday night’s episode and many fans mocked the entire crossover event.

Here is what happened and why it creeped many fans out.

The Voice Has Crossover With The Movie IF

Monday night, The Voice had a crossover with the new movie IF. This was great timing as the film hit theaters this weekend and it reminded families watching the singing competition series that it was coming. However, while many fans want the show to remain family-friendly, this crossover freaked out many viewers.

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IF is a movie directed by John Krasinski (The Office) that stars Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) as a man who works with “Imaginary Friends,” or “IFs” as they are known. When a 12-year-old girl named Bea sees one of the Imaginary Friends, she works with Cal to help save them, as all the IFs are in danger as kids forget them and leave them with nothing left to live for.

To help promote IFThe Voice had several people come out dressed as giant animals representing the IFs from the movie. This happened during songs. For example, when Ashe HaVon, Madison Curbelo, and Serenity Arce sang Coldplay’s “Fix You,” a young man and his IF (a giant bear) danced around the stage during the song.

Many Fans at home seemed to hate this based on their social media responses.

Fans Blast The Voice For IF Promotional Spots

Fans hit social media and blasted the crossover promotion for the family-friendly movie IF. Many felt that it distracted from the singers and their performances and brought The Voice down.

Here is a look at some of the fans’ complaints after the IF promotional spot on The Voice.

  • “W. T. H. was with the bear?! This is a singing show. I want to hear and watch the SINGERS. Sooo distracting.”
  • “The performance of the singers were great but, the stage act was a bit distracting of their performances IMHO”
  • “I can’t believe they made you sing with a grown man in his jammies and a dancing bear. Awful. Just awful.”

Many people loved seeing the promotions, as they said they planned to see the movie with their little ones. However, others said the performers lost out on showing their talent because of “creepy dancing bears.”

What were your thoughts on the promotional spots for IF during The Voice this week? Did it distract from the songs and performances or did you enjoy it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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