‘Unexpected’ McKayla Adkins Drops More Hints She’s Single

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Unexpected alum McKayla Adkins is showing more signs that her marriage has ended. Fans were starting to question if there was trouble in paradise. However, there was no concrete evidence as to whether she and Ethan Tenney had parted ways. Now, there is another clue that it may be over for good. Read on for more details.

Unexpected McKayla Adkins Drops More Hints She’s Single

McKayla Adkins is showing signs that she and her husband, Ethan Tenney have parted ways. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the Unexpected alum had deleted a bunch of her photos with her husband. However, they soon reappeared. This led them to think that she and Ethan simply had a disagreement and she archived the pictures to make a statement. A Reddit thread discussed this and a fan noted that McKayla seemed to be the type to delete all of Ethan’s photos if they were officially done.

McKayla Adkins/IG

Now, it appears that McKayla Adkins is taking another step toward getting rid of all things Ethan. Aside from the fact that many of his photos are no longer on her Instagram, she is also selling her wedding dress. According to Starcasm, McKayla listed the dress that she wore back in May 2021 for $80 on her Poshmark. She claims that it retailed for $300 so this is a decent reduction for a dress she wore once. Furthermore, if everything was great in paradise, why would she sell the dress she wore on such a big day?

McKayla Adkins/IG
Ethan, McKayla

As of now, neither one has filed for divorce. This dress is just one of the handful of items that McKayla is attempting to get rid of but why? Some were alleging that distancing herself from her relationship would benefit her OnlyFans career. Yet, the former reality star now has a pretty successful new career as a bartender. She took some time away from social media to focus on getting into it as well as recovering from a life-threatening car accident. So, there has been a lot going on in McKayla’s life.

One May Never Know

Though McKayla Adkins has been pretty transparent with her life, this might be something that she keeps to herself. In fact, she may not actually know what she wants when it comes to marriage. Fans met McKayla when she was a pregnant teen trying to make it work with Caelan Morrison. Despite ups and downs and hoping they might tie the knot, the two could not make it last. They did, however, welcome a second child during their Unexpected run. When she left, McKayla ultimately met Ethan, they got engaged, found out they were expecting, got married, lost the baby, then welcomed their rainbow child. So, it has been a whirlwind. Only time will tell what is next for her.

Do you think selling her wedding dress means McKayla and Ethan are on the outs? Let us know in the comments below.

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