‘Welcome To Plathville’ Who Is Olivia Plath’s Sister Lydia Meggs?

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Who is Olivia Plath’s sister, Lydia Meggs, the newest addition to the Welcome to Plathville cast? This season, fans are getting to know Olivia’s family a little bit better amid her ongoing conflicts with her husband Ethan Plath’s family. Viewers had the chance to meet Nathan Meggs before, and now, Lydia is a part of Olivia’s life once again. But who is she, and how has she come into her role on the show? Keep reading for all of the details.

The Meggs kids grew up very sheltered just like the Plaths did. Lydia and Olivia are no longer involved in their family’s strict religious beliefs though. Lydia is 23 years old, so she and Olivia, 25, are very close in age. She’s popped up on Olivia’s Instagram page several times recently, as the sisters explore all that the world has to offer. From her own social media page, it looks like Lydia enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends, as well as Olivia and Nathan.

Lydia Meggs and Olivia Plath’s relationship was once rocky.

On the show, Lydia and Olivia opened up about their friendship. Lydia made several decisions that their parents didn’t agree with, such as living with her boyfriend. Because of this, their parents forced Olivia and her siblings to distance themselves from Lydia. This was back when Olivia was more religious and hadn’t stepped away like Lydia had yet.

Now, as they’ve both gotten older and distanced themselves from their parents’ strict religious beliefs, the sisters have grown closer to one another.

Welcome to Plathville - Olivia Plath Instagram - Lydia Meggs
Welcome to Plathville – Olivia Plath Instagram – Lydia Meggs

Lydia Meggs joins Welcome to Plathville. 

Olivia Plath’s sister joined the show this season. She visited Ethan, Olivia, and Nathan’s home in Episode 2. Upon being reunited, the siblings seemingly got along well and started making memories all over again.

While driving to the beach together in one scene, Olivia and Lydia talked about their upbringing and how they had to dress modestly to go to the beach. They shared the same experience of being afraid of men who may be “undressing” them in their heads, as their mother taught them.

Fans are glad that Olivia has two of her biological siblings, Lydia and Nathan, on her side as she navigates her complicated relationship with the Plath family.

Welcome to Plathville viewers watched as Olivia, Lydia, and Nathan put makeup on and had a good laugh together.

So, have you enjoyed getting to know Lydia Meggs on Welcome to Plathville Season 5? What do you think of her relationship with her sister, Olivia? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Plath family.

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