‘Maboroshi’ Japanese Anime Film Coming to Netflix in January 2024

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maboroshi netflix anime coming january 2023 preview

Picture: Maboroshi – MAPPA

From the animators of Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen, Mari Okada’s anime film Maboroshi is coming to Netflix worldwide in January 2024. Our preview has everything you need to know about Maboroshi, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

Maboroshi is an upcoming internationally licensed Japanese anime movie directed by Mari Okada and Seimi Kidokoro. The movie was written by Okada, and animated by Attack on Titan animation studio MAPPA. Maboroshi was distributed in theatres in Japan on September 15th by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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When is the Maboroshi Netflix release date?

Netflix has confirmed that Maboroshi will be released worldwide exclusively on the platform on January 15th, 2023.

maboroshi netflix anime coming january 2023 poster

What is the plot of Maboroshi?

The plot of Maboroshi has been sourced from IMDb;

“Third-year middle school student Masamune, who lives in a town where time has stopped because a sudden explosion at a steelworks factory has sealed off all exits to the town. In order to hopefully one day return to normal, the residents of the town are forbidden from changing, and they live out their gloomy everyday lives. Masamune’s enigmatic classmate Atsumi leads him one day to the fifth blast furnace of the steelworks factory, and there they meet a girl who is wild like a wolf and who cannot talk. The meeting of Masamune and these two girls upsets the balance of the world. The unstoppable “love impulse” of the boys and girls who are tired of their everyday lives begins to destroy the world.”

Who are the cast members of Maboroshi?

Misaki Kuno plays the role of Itsumi. The actress is most well known for their voice work as Hawk in Seven Deadly Sins, Momo Kawamoto in March Comes In Like a Lion, and Noki Niiyama in Kiznaiver.

kuno misaki maboroshi netflix anime coming january 2023 poster

Reina Ueda plays the role of Mutsumi Sagami. Demon Slayer fans will recognize the voice work of Reina Ueda as Kanao Tsuyuri. She is also the voice of Reze in Chainsaw Man, and Hideyoshi “Hide” Nagachika in Tokyo Ghoul.

ueda reinamisaki maboroshi netflix anime coming january 2023 poster

Junya Enoki plays the role of Masamune Kikuiri. Attack on Titan fans will recognize the actor for his role as Reiner Braun, while Jujutsu Kaisen fans will recognize him as the voice of Yuuji Itadori. The actor has also lent his voice talent to other popular franchises such as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Beastars, Digimon, Tokyo Revengers, and Kengan Ashura.

Junya Enoki maboroshi netflix anime coming january 2023 poster

The remaining cast members are;

  • Setsuji Satou (Cyborg 009) as Sagami Mamoru
  • Kouji Seto as Akimune Kikuiri
  • Kento Hayashi (Yugioh: The Dark Side of Dimensions) as Tokimune Kikuri
  • Yukiyo Fujii (Sailor Moon) as Yasumi Reina
  • Maki Kawase (Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear) as Hina Hara
  • Tasuku Hatanka (Lupin Zero) Astushi Nitta
  • Daiki Kobayashi (Nanbaka) as Yasunari Senba

What is the runtime of Maboroshi?

A 111-minute runtime has been confirmed for Maboroshi.

Are you looking forward to watching Maboroshi on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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