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Netflix is reportedly producing an adaptation of the popular South Korean webtoon Plaza Wars but has since been renamed Mercy For None. Filming for Mercy for None is expected to begin soon, and we’re looking at a potential 2025 release date. We’ll be keeping track of everything you need to know about Mercy for None including, the plot, cast news, production updates, and the Netflix release date.

Mercy for None, also known as Gwangjang, is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original crime-drama, based on the webtoon Plaza Wars written by Oh Se Hyung and illustrated by Kim Kyun Tae. The series has yet to announce a director or screenwriter.

What is the plot of Mercy for None?

The synopsis for Mercy for None has been sourced from Variety;

As the toughest fighter in the world of crime, Gijun claims victory in a battle that ends the long power struggle between Seoul’s gangs. But when his brother Giseok rises in rank within the enemy group, Gijun decides to slash his own heel and leave the business to avoid fighting him. Just when all seems at peace 15 years later, Giseok is mysteriously ambushed and killed in cold blood right before his own retirement. Filled with a chilly rage, Gijun sets off on a one-man hunt to track down everyone involved in his brother’s death. And he has a feeling he doesn’t need to look far to find the main culprit… With revenge and old gang rivalries factoring into the equation, Seoul’s underbelly is in for yet another grisly bloodbath!

Who are the cast members of Mercy for None?

So Ji Sub was the first confirmed cast member approached for a role in Mercy for None. The former Bronze medal winner of South Korea’s national games has yet to star in K-drama or movie for Netflix. To date, the actor’s most notable K-dramas have been Cain and Abel, Oh My Venus, Terrius Behind Me, and Doctor Lawyer.

so ji sub plaza wars netflix k drama 3

From Left to Right: So Ji Sub as seen in Oh My Venus, Cain and Abel, and Doctor Lawyer

Ahn Kil Kang plays the role of Koo Bong San. The actor has yet to star in an Original series or movie for Netflix but is most well known for starring in dramas such as Queen Seondeok, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, and Once Again.

Ahn Kil Kang mercy for none netflix k drama season 1

Picture: Ahn Kil Kang

Lee Bum Soo plays the role of Shim Sung Won. The actor’s only appearance on Netflix so far has been a guest role in 20th Century Girl. He is most well known for starring in films such as City of the Rising Sun, The Anarchists, and Singles.

Lee Bum Soo mercy for none netflix k drama season 1

Picture: Lee Bum Soo

Gong Myung plays the role of Joon Mo. He recently starred in 20th Century Girl in a guest role and held a lead role in the 2019 drama Be Melodramatic.

Gong Myung mercy for none netflix k drama season 1

Picture: Gong Myung

The supporting cast members are as follows;

  • Heo Joon Ho as Lee Joo Woon
  • Choo Young Woo as Lee Geum Son.
  • Jo Han Chul as Choi Sung Chul

In guest roles, Our Blues and Night in Paradise actor Cha Seung Won plays the role of Teacher Kim. Meanwhile, Stranger and Dark Hole actor Lee Joon Hyuk plays the role of Nam Gi Seok, the younger brother of Ki Jun.

What is the production status of Mercy for None?

Official Production Status: Pre-production (Last Updated: 29/10/2023)

According to initial reports filming was expected to get underway in October 2023, and run until March 2024.

With the cast revealed, we expect filming to start extremely soon.

When will Mercy for None be released on Netflix?

With filming

With filming scheduled for October 2023 – March 2024 we can safely assume the earliest we’ll see the K-drama on Netflix is late 2024.

A more realistic release date is sometime in early 2025.

Are you looking forward to watching Plaza Wars on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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