‘Vida’ and ‘From’ Series Land on Netflix in Select Regions

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Vida From Land On Netflix Internationally

Picture: Starz / MGM Television

Netflix continues to acquire new licensed titles worldwide, with two beloved series hitting Netflix in select international territories on April 1st with those being Vida from Starz and From by MGM+. 

Seasons 1-3 of Vida lands on Netflix in Latin America

Beginning April 1st, Netflix acquired the Starz series Vida in select Latin American countries like Brazil and Mexico. All three seasons are streaming in these select countries.

Airing on Starz between 2018 and 2020, Vida is a drama series from Tanya Saracho about two Mexican American sisters from LA who return to their old neighborhood to confront their past and learn the truth about their mother.

In the United States, Vida currently has a single season on Starz, and all three seasons are currently on Hulu. The show used to reside in the United Kingdom on Lionsgate+, although that streamer has been discontinued. Most of its output heads to MGM+, although Vida wasn’t explicitly mentioned.

From Season 1 Lands on Netflix in Europe, The Middle East and North Africa

Headlined by Harold Perrineau, From is the sci-fi horror series that began its life on EPIX before transitioning to MGM+ for its second season and is currently awaiting a third season to debut in 2024. The series follows a town trapped in Middle America with nocturnal creatures preying on its inhabitants.

From coming to Netflix isn’t a surprise entirely. When the show was first announced back in April 2021, Deadline noted that the show would be “distributed by Netflix outside of the U.S.”

Per Variety, From is distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution in all international territories, and the show looks like it was supposed to come a lot earlier than it has been.

Unogs reports that at least nine countries have seen the show touch down on Netflix, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, and other Eastern European territories. In addition, the Netflix MENA account (which covers most of the Middle East and North Africa) confirmed it would receive the show too.

In the US, From is exclusive to MGM+, and in the United Kingdom, the series was sold early on to Sky and Now TV.

If you’re in the United States, don’t feel entirely left out; you’ve been getting a great collection of licensed series bulking up the library. Throughout 2024, you’ve been and will continue to get titles from the Disney archive, with the most recent addition being White Collar, returning to the service on April 1st. HBO continues to license titles, with Sex and the City also touching down on April 1st.

Elsewhere, Netflix recently licensed titles like House MD in select regions, and the fan-favorite Dexter has just returned to multiple countries, such as Canada and the United Kingdom. Netflix even got the heavyweight series Yellowstone in select territories earlier this year.

Will you be streaming From or Vida in your country, or do you hope these shows come to Netflix where you live? Let us know in the comments.

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