Viral Posters Suggests ‘Alice in Borderland’ Renewed for Season 3 at Netflix

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alice in borderland 3 renewed at netflix

Alice in Borderland – Picture: Netflix

Has Alice in Borderland been secretly renewed for a season 3? New viral posters pictured in Japan suggest we’re getting a third season. 

Following season 2 being released on Netflix globally on December 22, 2022, it picked up 216 million hours watched globally in its first five weeks on the platform, with season 1 also getting a boost in viewership.

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Since then, we’ve heard nothing about the future of Alice in Borderland, with season 3 having been pending throughout most of 2023 despite a massive cliffhanger ending that sets up more for the excellent Japanese series.

In recent days, however, social media has been lit up with several viral posts of new posters being found in a subway in Japan.

The posters feature Netflix’s logo, and above that are ten cards in two rows of five:

  • The first row of cards features three of spades, two of clovers, two of diamonds, one of clover, and two of hearts.
  • The second row of cards features five of hearts, ace of hearts, four of hearts, five of clover and two of hearts.
alice in borderland 3 posters subway

Viral poster for Alice in Borderland 3 Netflix

There have been a few people dissecting the poster and what it means, but the best explanation we’ve seen comes from chp_marke on Twitter, who breaks the code down as follows:

“3 sp[a]de
2 c[l]over
2 d[i]amond
1 [c]lover
2 h[e]art”

“5 hear[t]
1 [h] eart
4 hea[r]t
5 spad[e]
2 h[e]art”

Breaking it down further. You use the number on the card to match the letter in the suit as you spell it out. So the first letter is the third in spade, which is an A. If you spell out the ten letters, it spells ALICE THREE.

You can also see in the second picture that the background features a shiny/embossed element. This has been sleuthed to be the symbol for the Joker just enlarged, which played a big role in the ending of Alice in Borderland season 2.

final scene joker alice in borderland 2

The final scene of Alice in Borderland 2 features the Joker card.

You can rewatch and relive those final moments of that final scene below:

Given the show’s connection to playing cards and super sleuths on Twitter, it looks pretty cut and dry that the show has been given a season 3 renewal. Netflix does have an upcoming Drop01 event coming soon and could get teased there.

We’ll keep you updated on Alice in Borderland as and when we get it. Let us know in the comments if you think the dissections of the posters teasing Alice in Borderland season 3 have gotten it wrong.

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