Why Does Dean Unglert Say He & Caelynn Are Headed To Hell?

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Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes tie the knot this coming weekend week, but he’s got a bad feeling that they will both go to hell. What’s going on? They seem like a nice couple and Bachelor in Paradise fans seem to love them. Additionally, when they rescued Pappy the Yoda-like pup, that must have scored them some points for the Pearly Gates.

BiP Dean Unglert & Caelynn Miller-Keyes Finally Tie The Knot

What started with a promise ring finally became the long-awaited wedding for Caelynn. In fact, four rings followed. Remember, he finally decided to pop the question, but he lost the ring in the garage. So, he replaced it with a placeholder ring. Ring number three arrived, and then a fourth after he teamed up with Brillant Earth. With that out the way, the Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds could finally go ahead and talk about their wedding.

Bachelor Nation fans waited for details about the wedding between Dean Unglert and Caelynn. After all, for the longest time, he felt that a promise was as good as a wedding. By April, the wedding invites were done and the venue was revealed as taking place in Aspen with a sort of Yellowstone theme. The date hadn’t been revealed at the time, but ABC fans knew it would happen in September. However, now that the formal union is just the corner, Caelynn’s groom-to-be fears that they will go “straight to hell.” 

BiP Dean Unglert Talks About A Hellish Future

Speaking with Ben Higgins on the Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast on Friday last week, The subject of becoming “born again virgins” after they tie the knot arose again. Previously, they discussed that in August. At the time, they opened up about being “born again virgins” on the Help! We Suck at Being Newlyweds podcast. Cealynn and her man discussed how there should be a way that people could get that. Furthermore, he joked about not having sex before tying the knot. This week, Ben Higgins asked if that still remained In the cards.

BiP ABC Bachelor Nation Bachelor in Paradise Dean Unglert, Caelynn Miller-Keyes Going To Hell
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Cealynn always knew that Dean Unglert was not really all that much into the church. So, it’s no surprise that Ben discovered the “born again virgins” idea isn’t “part of the plan” anymore. In response, US Weekly noted that Dean quipped, “Yeah, we’re going straight to hell.” So, if you hoped that he might get ordained and start his own sect to officiate for non-virgins and purify them, you might feel some disappointment.

Bachelor Nation Humor About Abstaining

Dean Unglert spoke seriously about the couple raising kids when he spoke with Jared in April. Although his sperm count was good years ago, he feared a change. Mind you, Caelynn felt that adoption might work for them. However, he preferred the idea of keeping it in the family, joking that she could take his pick with one of his brothers. Well, that wasn’t gonna happen and Caelynn also joked about not popping off for a quickie.

ABC fans seem excited about the upcoming wedding. After joking about going to hell and stand-in sperm donors, it’s likely that the speeches will be laden with fun, jokes, and laughter.

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