‘Wednesday’ Season 2 Casting Three New Season Regulars

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wednesday season 2 casting three new regulars

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Wednesday is currently in pre-production, with development continuing to prepare scripts for production beginning next spring. What’s on Netflix has learned that casting is underway for three new characters for the new season.

So, what are the new roles and characters? Here’s what sources are telling us about these roles who are all going to be season regulars:

  • Karloff is the first character we understand is being cast for the new season. The character is described as a young, athletic male teen with the actor having to wear prosthetics.
  • Wolfgang is the next character we’re hearing that’s going to feature in season 2. Also a male teen, the character is described as charming and confident.
  • The final (but likely not the last new character) we understand will feature in season 2 is Annie, a young girl aged between 12 to 14 described as whip-smart and wise beyond her years.

Moving purely into speculation and using the Addams Family Fandom Wiki, we can make some guesses of who these characters could potentially have links to, although none appear to be from the comics and original movies and series.

For Wolfgang, we do know that the character Uncle Wolfgang was featured in a 1992 animated episode and is a relative of The Addams Family. Could this be Uncle Wolfgang’s son?

In the case of Karloff with the prosthetics, could this be a character potentially related to Frankenstein? Boris Karloff was an actor commonly associated with the character; the name, of course, could also be a codename. We’ll have to wait and see.

Who’s returning for Wednesday season 2?

We’ve also heard that most of the first season’s cast is signed up for the new season, with two notable exceptions, and they shouldn’t be too surprising.

Firstly, Gwendoline Christie doesn’t look to be returning in any capacity. That shouldn’t be a huge surprise, given her character’s fate during the first season (spoiler alert: she’s dead!).

Secondly, as widely reported, we’re also hearing that Percy Hynes White is not coming back to reprise his role as Xavier Thorpe. It’s unclear whether he’s being recast, with most reports suggesting the character has been written out.

We’ll likely be getting casting information for these new roles come the New Year, probably before filming begins in Ireland in Spring 2024.

For more on Wednesday season 2, keep it locked here on What’s on Netflix.

Do you have any theories on these three new characters set to feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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