’90 Day Fiance’ recap: Ed and Liz have heated goodbye, Loren and Alexei fight, Angela demands answers


90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? featured Ed Brown and Liz Woods having a contentious goodbye, Angela Deem facing a harsh reality about her future with Michael Ilesanmi, Loren Goldstone and Alexei Brovarnik fighting, and Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly’s families finally agreeing on a bride price during the Season 8 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’s new season stars Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly, Alexei Brovarnik and Loren Goldstone, Nicole Sherbiny and Mahmoud Sherbiny, Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone, Ed Brown and Liz Woods, and Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem.

The cast also includes Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne, Ashley Michelle and Manuel Velez, and Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda from the latest season of 90 Day Fiance.


90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? features married couples trying to make their relationships work in America following the K-1 visa process, except for Liz and Ed, who began the season as engaged Americans.

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? cast will “continue to navigate the highs and lows in their relationships including everything from preparing for first impressions with the in-laws, to managing significant cultural differences, to working through turbulent family dynamics and more,” according to TLC.

Below is what happened on Episode 14 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’s eighth season.


Sophie was shown going to a diner with her mother, Claire, while she was losing hope in her marriage to Rob. The pair had been “going back and forth through text,” which was really pissing Sophie off, apparently.

Sophie admitted Claire had been “too hard” on Rob when they all gathered for a chat, but she really wanted Rob to apologize to Claire for making her cry and taking things too far.

Sophie told her mom that she didn’t want to leave Rob and move back to England in fear she’d ultimately “regret” the decision.

Claire explained to the cameras that she never questioned her “sensible” daughter’s judgement or decisions, except when it came to her relationship with Rob. Claire wished that Sophie would just end her romance with Rob because she believed it was “never going to work.”

Claire told Sophie that her marriage with Rob wasn’t healthy, and so Sophie decided that she should stay with a friend for a few days. Sophie predicted that Rob was going to give her “another lecture” and accuse her of running away from their problems.

“If he apologized to you, that would at least show me something — that he’s not the worst d-ck in the entire world,” Sophie shared with her mother.


“I don’t know why I keep giving him so many chances. I love him… and care about him so much, but I need to stop running away from my issues and really weigh out the pros and cons of the relationship. [I need] to move back in and be all in, or I have to leave him.”

Meanwhile, Rob said he was going to do his best to be the man that Sophie kept asking him to be. Rob, for example, bought Sophie a stuffed animal she had wanted, and Sophie thought that was a thoughtful and nice gesture.


Rob also apologized to Claire for how he had acted, saying that he never meant to upset her.

But Sophie said one stuffed animal wasn’t going to change the situation and make everything better. Sophie therefore broke the news to Rob that she needed to spend more time away from him, and Rob was convinced that Claire was entirely responsible for Sophie making that decision.

“This woman is my worst nightmare,” Rob vented of Claire.


Angela discovered Michael had allegedly shared her personal tax information with strangers and created an immigration group chat for Nigerian men trying to move to America.

Angela FaceTimed with a lawyer to ask why the visa was being held up, and she also shared with the lawyer that Michael had Googled life insurance.

“Are you trying to f-cking kill me? This looks like a g-dd-mn scam to me!” Angela lamented.

Since Michael and Angela had already been married for two years, once he arrived in the United States, he’d become a permanent resident and Angela would be responsible for him financially. Angela was informed Michael and/or the government could sue her for money if she tried not to pay and follow the rules.

Angela would apparently be on the hook for Michael for 10 years, and she was afraid of Michael potentially scamming her and taking money away from her family, which includes six grandchildren.

Angela was advised to withdraw her petition if she didn’t trust Michael, and so she had a serious conversation and decision awaiting her. If Angela chose to withdraw her petition, that door would be permanently closed.

“I invested seven years waiting on this visa to get Michael to come to the U.S. There is nothing in it for me but love,” Angela said.

“You don’t just stop loving somebody, but what I can stop doing is being there for him. I don’t have to be his wife. I could love him over there until I get over him, because, after all, it doesn’t look like he loves me at all.”

When Angela confronted Michael about her findings, he explained that he had taken a picture of her Wifi  box so he could have Internet at a cafe and that he wasn’t hiding anything. Michael also said he needed Angela’s personal information for his visa interview.

Michael said he wasn’t making any money off of any scam, but Angela vented about how he always had an excuse for everything and she was tired of his lies. Angela called Michael a “scammer” and claimed that she was going to report his social-media group to the government.

When Michael reached for his phone back, Angela tried to grab it away from him.


After another big fight at the plant store, Gino asked Jasmine if they could hash things out, and so she asked to have “an adult conversation” in which they’d take turns to talk. Gino agreed and hoped they could get out of the mess they were in.

Gino admitted to Jasmine that he was “mentally exhausted,” but she didn’t seem to care. The pair had both said mean things to each other, and Jasmine was worried there was “no intimacy” in their marriage when they were still newlyweds.


Gino explained how Jasmine had hurt him because she questioned his masculinity and didn’t seem happy or grateful at all that he had paid to enter her in a beauty pageant. Jasmine apologized for hurting Gino’s feelings and disrespecting him.

“I won’t say hurtful things purposely [going forward], but I want you, as my husband, to take initiative in the intimacy,” Jasmine said.

“It’s going to take some time, and when I’m comfortable doing it, I will let you know,” Gino responded. “Physically I’m attracted to you… You’re a very beautiful woman.”

Jasmine called Gino “the most beautiful man on earth,” and so she thought they were taking baby steps to working things out and improving their dynamic.

Once things got a little better for the couple, Gino took Jasmine shopping for a beautiful evening gown for her beauty pageant. Jasmine was smiling ear to ear as she tried on dresses for Gino, who almost entered the Mr. Michigan pageant when he was younger.

Jasmine, who appeared to pink a form-fitted maroon dress, hoped this beauty pageant could open many doors for her in the future, and she was feeling happy and excited.


Alexei had to go to work, but daycare was closed and Loren couldn’t take care of the kids by herself because she was still in pain. Alexei therefore dropped off the kids with their grandparents.

Alexei confessed that he felt totally drained, especially because Loren couldn’t even pick up her own children post-surgery. Loren’s mother acknowledged that parenting wasn’t easy, and Alexei agreed.

“I’m stressed nonstop at home and at work. My mind is racing and thinking about Israel, and I’m breaking. But at the same time, I have my family here — my wife and my kids — and that’s my priority right now,” Alexei explained to the cameras.

Alexei also didn’t like hearing Loren complain about her pain because she’s the one who wanted this. He was apparently feeling a lot of frustration and tension.

Alexei knew taking care of the household was going to be a challenge, but he said Loren had downplayed the extent of her recovery and he wasn’t managing without her.

Had Alexei known how tough Loren’s recovery was going to be, he said he wouldn’t have been supportive of her “mommy makeover” to begin with.

Loren, meanwhile, said she was behind in her recovery a month after her surgery. She had some swelling and inflammation. She attempted to help Alexei by folding laundry and doing chores around the house, but it clearly wasn’t enough.

But Loren could barely move her head or use her arms, and so Alexei was upset with her. Loren claimed she had done the surgery for her husband, but Alexei argued that he would’ve preferring seeing her going to the gym rather than going under the knife.

Loren thought Alexei resented her for having the surgery. While Alexei said that wasn’t the case, his actions suggested otherwise.

“I had no choice Loren, and I’m done. I’m going to sleep on the couch tonight,” Alexei said.


Thais’ father Carlos and Patrick’s dad Jose butted heads while the entire family was out to eat. Carlos couldn’t believe that he was trying to charge his son to host a birthday party for his own granddaughter Aleesi at his ranch in Brazil.

Thais and Patrick’s brother John didn’t understand why Patrick was paying for the apartment in Brazil when they were never there. Thais said her husband was essentially throwing money away and she wanted to get rid of the apartment.

Carlos was also still upset that Patrick hadn’t ask for his blessing to marry Thais. In support of Patrick, John announced at the table how Patrick wasn’t given an opportunity to ask for Thais’ hand in marriage because she had lied to her father about her relationship.

Thais, however, was still hoping that Patrick would fix the situation and ask her dad for permission to be with her.

It was a very tense dining experience overall, and Thais hated seeing her husband and her father at odds.

The next day, Thais and Patrick didn’t agree on whether they should keep the apartment in Brazil. Thais knew Patrick wanted his dad to be a part of his life and so this was difficult for him, but she also didn’t want to see her husband trying to “buy his father’s love.”

Patrick said he didn’t appreciate everyone arguing with his dad when it was supposed to be a friendly get-together, and Thais wished they could just have some fun on this trip.

Later on, Patrick and John met a couple of Thais’ friends at a bar. The women brought up how Patrick once kissed another girl, but Patrick insisted he wasn’t dating Thais at that time and so it wasn’t cheating.

Thais’ friends apparently didn’t trust Patrick and thought John was a bad influence on his brother. The women were also upset at Patrick for taking Thais away from them.

One of Thais’ friends called John an “assh-le” for inviting women to a party at Patrick’s home, and then John called her “a sl-t.” The conversation became so heated that the girl threw her drink filled with ice on Patrick’s brother.


Emily’s traditional wedding in Cameroon was the very next day, and she wished she had more time to get over Kobe’s past with his ex-girlfriend.

Kobe, his father, and his cousin then fulfilled the dowry list Emily’s parents had written up and requested.

Kobe and his loved ones presented Emily’s parents with a goat, fresh pineapples, a wooden cane, two African shirts, sandals, money and more.

The two families still had to discuss the “bride price,” however, which Emily’s mother hated.

Emily’s mom didn’t like the idea of a man buying his wife, even though it was Kobe’s tradition. Kobe tried to negotiate, and his family ended up paying $1.50 in American money for Emily.

Kobe recognized this wasn’t a lot of money for Americans, but he explained how it was expensive for his loved ones.

Emily then stood with Kobe’s family, and it made Emily’s parents cry because they felt like they were losing her completely.

ED and LIZ

Liz broke down into tears while packing up the rest of her belongings at Ed’s house in Arkansas. Liz’s mother Patty attempted to console her and calm her down, but Liz was anxious about her final conversation with Ed.

Ed told the cameras that he and Liz spent most of their relationship fighting or mad at each other, and so he didn’t think that was a healthy living arrangement for either of them.

Ed apologized to Liz for being mean to her mom, but then he tried to defend why he had flown off the handle. Liz said Ed needed to apologize without making excuses.

When the former couple said goodbye, Ed requested that Liz “learn” from their breakup because if she didn’t change her ways, she’d never end up in a happy relationship. Liz snapped back that Ed talking about her next relationship was so inappropriate.

Liz insisted that Ed was the one who needed to work on himself because he didn’t even know how to talk to a woman.

The pair argued instead of having a cordial goodbye, and the Liz ran to the car bawling her eyes out. In this moment, Liz said she wished she had never met Ed to begin with.

“He’s suck a d-ck for the way he handled everything! I didn’t deserve that!” Liz lamented to the cameras. “My heart was trying to say goodbye. His wasn’t there.”

Ed claimed that Liz never accepted his love and it was going to be better for the both of them to start over rather than continue in the “wrong relationship.”


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