’90 Day Fiance’ spoilers: Are Biniyam and Ariela still together or did the ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ couple split up? (SPOILERS)


90 Day Fiance couple Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre are having communication problems and Ariela appears unhappy on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, so did Ariela and Biniyam stay together and get married, or did they split up? Do 90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that the couple is still together now?


[90 Day Fiance Spoilers Warning: This report includes spoilers about Ariela and Biniyam’s relationship and if they split up or are still together in either Ethiopia or the United States.]

Ariela, a 29-year-old freelance writer from Princeton, NJ, introduced herself on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way as Biniyam’s girlfriend.


And after going through a difficult divorce, Ariela said she wanted to get to know herself better and see the world — so she booked a cheap trip to Ethiopia and met Biniyam while she was waiting for a taxi outside of her hotel.

Biniyam is a 31-year-old dancer, choreographer, martial artist and gymnast from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, who was living with his siblings when he met Ariela.

Only three months into dating each other, Ariela learned she was pregnant, which was certainly “unexpected news.”

Ariela planned to move to Ethiopia long-term so she could raise her baby with Biniyam, but the couple were used to different cultures, and it took time for Biniyam to find the couple a suitable apartment, suitable for an American.

Ariela’s family was worried about Biniyam’s intentions because he had previously dated an American woman and welcomed a son with her. However, the American woman left Ethiopia when their son was three years old and never returned.

Biniyam said he was married to the previous American woman for four years but he was only with her for “six to eight months.”

Ariela and Biniyam had more issues to work through once they began living together, such as Biniyam’s desire for her to convert to his Ethiopian-Orthodox Christian church when she had been raised Jewish.

And once their son was born via emergency C-section, Ariela initially didn’t want to circumcize or baptize Aviel Biniyam Shibre.

Ariela also missed Biniyam when he worked late, and she battled trust issues. For instance, a woman once called his phone and Biniyam denied having any involvement with her.

Although Ariela said she and Biniyam weren’t communicating and acted more like roommates, they got engaged while attending a celebration for the baptism of Jesus Christ, which is a holiday in Ethiopia.


Ariela then hired a nanny, Mimi, and she and Biniyam had moved into a three-bedroom house together. Ariela gushed about child-help being only $200 a month, but Biniyam hadn’t been working much due to COVID-19.

Although Ariela was happy for the most part in Ethiopia, she missed having deep relationships and friendships.

Ariela therefore asked her ex-husband Leandro to visit her in Ethiopia, both so she could have a friend and her fiance could meet her best friend from the U.S.

Ariela could tell Biniyam felt “a little macho and territorial” about her and probably wouldn’t like the idea, and Biniyam admittedly didn’t like the idea of having his fiancee’s ex around.


Ariela had met Leandro when she studied in Argentina at age 19. They got married after six months together and then she brought him to the United States on a spousal visa.

Ariela said she and Leandro were married for 10 years but she wanted to travel more and Leandro wanted to focus on earning his doctorate. The former spouses therefore broke up but decided to stay best friends.

“I always knew you and me were going to end up together, you know? I never actually felt like we broke up,” Ariela told her ex-husband.


During Ariela’s split from Leandro, Ariela began dating Biniyam and got pregnant, which resulted in the end of Ariela and Leandro’s story.

Biniyam believed Leandro still has feelings for Ari, but Ariela was also nervous about Biniyam’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend and dance partner, Tsion.

Biniyam insisted he had never cheated on Tsion and they were separated when he got involved with his first American wife, but Tsion felt Biniyam had betrayed her and moved on too quickly.

In the end, Ariela and Leandro agreed their romantic relationship was over and had vanished, mainly because Leandro didn’t want to have children — and then he left.

“I love Ethiopia. I get frustrated here and there are things I don’t like, but I see so much potential to have a family here and to make a life here. So oddly enough, I feel like at home,’ Ariela insisted.

Biniyam told Ariela that he never wanted to lose her because she and Aviel are God’s gifts to him. Ariela therefore asked Biniyam to open up and express himself more to her rather than shutting down in conversation.

“I love you so much. You are my heart. You are my everything. Just don’t give up. Don’t worry, it will get better,” Biniyam told his fiancee.

Ariela and Biniyam later took their son Avi to a pediatrician in Ethiopia and learned Avi had a hernia at nine months and would need surgery as soon as possible to avoid further complications involving the baby’s intestine.

Ariela told Biniyam, “I think it’s a possibility we may have to take him to the U.S.”

Biniyam was frustrated Ariela didn’t seem to trust the doctors in his native country, but Ariela said her insurance would pay for the surgery in the U.S. and her parents would be around to watch Avi and take care of him.

Ariela knew Biniyam wouldn’t like her traveling to the U.S. with Avi since he couldn’t join them due to the U.S. Embassy being closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After talking to her parents, Ariela made the decision to take Avi to the United States because she believed that’s what was best for him.



Biniyam said Ariela probably broke this news to him while he was in a barber shop so he couldn’t shout and flip out. Biniyam told Ariela that he didn’t want to lose his baby and lose his family.

“My ex-wife went on a trip. She cried and convinced me like this. She took my child and didn’t come back. For Ari to repeat this, this is a difficult thing for me,” Biniyam said.

Biniyam begged Ariela not to go, insisting he would find her a special doctor and do anything it takes. But Ariela revealed how she had already purchased her plane ticket, which made Biniyam angry.

Biniyam got down on his knees in the middle of a busy street and pleaded with Ariela not to leave him, but she asked him to think about what’s best for their son.

Ariela promised Biniyam and his sisters that she’d return to Ethiopia and would never hurt Biniyam in the way his ex-wife had.

Ariela planned to only spend one month in America, but Biniyam was nervous and anxious about her leaving him.

Biniyam said saying goodbye to his family was extremely difficult because he didn’t want to lose another partner and child. Biniyam even hid Ariela’s passport the day before.

Ariela wasn’t happy about the move, but she said she understood how Biniyam was “traumatized” from his first wife and child going to the United States and never returning.

“You are my family until the end of time,” Ariela promised Biniyam. “I have a gift for you.”

Ariela bought Biniyam a wedding-type band, and he said he’d never take it off. Ariela had the ring engraved and it read “forever family.” She also bought herself a matching ring to hopefully ease Biniyam’s suffering and make him feel secure in their future together.

Biniyam was feeling “very heavy” inside, but Ariela assured her Biniyam that she loved him and would miss him so much.

But Ariela was excited for the trip, to see her friends and visit with family members, many of whom had yet to meet Avi.


When Biniyam dropped his family off at the airport, Biniyam cried and Ariela felt so sad leaving Biniyam behind. Ariela felt she was making the right decision regardless of the pain they were both feeling, and she figured they’d just be happier and stronger as a couple once she returned.

Biniyam hadn’t seen his first-born child in two years, and he was apparently brokenhearted over that.

Once Ariela landed in the U.S. after spending more than a year in Ethiopia, her parents were overjoyed to be reunited with their daughter and grandbaby, whom they hadn’t seen in seven months.


Ariela, however, wished Biniyam could have joined her for the trip, and she noted, “I’m worried that with Avi and I so far away, this could cause a whole different set of problems for us.”

Later on, Ariela’s brothers met Avi for the first time, and Ariela’s parents and siblings voiced how they wished Ariela would move back to America, mainly to ensure Avi would grow up in great school systems and with more opportunities.

But Ariela said she liked Ethiopia and moving wasn’t even an option since the Embassy was closed due to COVID-19 and Biniyam couldn’t obtain a K-1 visa.

Biniyam also didn’t like the idea of leaving Ethiopia and his close-knit family in general.

“Coming back here feels like visiting,” Ariela said, before one relative asked Ariela to “wake up” because Avi needs to grow up healthy and with good education.

Ariela didn’t think Biniyam would be open to making the same sacrifices she had made for him, although she found the idea of a life in the U.S. with her fiance intriguing.

Being so far apart from Biniyam had also been “really hard” for their relationship, according to Ariela.

She didn’t appreciate Biniyam was going out and partying so much when she was away with their son. He even went out to a nightclub and allegedly tried to lie about it, which sparked a fight.


Ariela apparently accused Biniyam of never having done anything nice for her, and so he agreed and said, “Go find yourself an American man if that’s what you want.”

“And I said, ‘I don’t want another man; I just want the father of my baby to be decent to me and to Avi. That’s all.’ And then he hung up the phone and now his phone is off,” Ariela explained.

Ariela asked Biniyam to not turn off his phone, and he did. So Ariela said Biniyam was breaking even more promises. Ariela said Biniyam was trying to be in control and “really hurt [her] feelings.”

Ariela finally got in contact with Biniyam via FaceTime after three hours of not being able to reach him, and Biniyam said he had been in the basement and put his phone on flight mode.


Ariela told Biniyam that it didn’t seem like he cared she was gone and he appeared to be having a great time without her at the club “every weekend for three weeks.” Biniyam said going out made him feel better because he was lonely.

Ariela said it was painful when Biniyam didn’t answer his phone, but Biniyam insisted he cared about his fiancee and was just hanging out with his friends.

“What about me? I need you. Avi needs you. Your friends are not the most important thing. We are supposed to be the most important thing,” Ariela noted.

Ariela didn’t have anything against Biniyam’s friends, but she felt they led him in a bad direction since none of them are in serious relationships.

Biniyam promised to not turn off his phone again, but Ariela was already “so hurt” and disappointed. She wondered if Biniyam was turning off his phone because he was hiding something.

Biniyam later told the cameras he was just trying to keep himself busy so he wouldn’t get stressed out about his fiancee and son being in America.

“It’s not about trusting. I feel like she’s jealous,” Biniyam confided in his pals.


Biniyam’s friends claimed Ari has a difficult personality and high expectations of her partner.

“I am fearful inside because we don’t have a good relationship,” Biniyam lamented. “I really want Ari to keep her word and return to Ethiopia for me. If she is not happy, I know she will not return. Therefore, the situation scares me.”

So did Ariela and Biniyam split or get married, and is the 90 Day Fiance couple still together now?

In late October, Biniyam and Ariela posted the same advertising content in their Instagram Stories at the same time, suggesting they planned it together and are in communication.

Earlier in the month, Biniyam posted a sweet photo with his son Avi, showing Ariela must have returned to Ethiopia with their son after his surgery.

“I love you Avi. You make me happy. #90dayfiance,” he captioned the two images of Biniyam lifting his son up with a sunset in the background.

Biniyam also posted rare photos of his first-born son going to school.


“I can’t believe how much my son has grown. I miss him every single day. I can’t wait to give him a hug and kiss. I can’t wait to hear him call me dad. Please pray for me,” Biniyam wrote, suggesting the pair could be reunited soon.

Biniyam also added the following hashtags to his post: #fatherandson #mybaby #mylittleboy #iloveyou #missyou #arielaandbiniyam.

In late September, Biniyam and Ariela were spotted in New Jersey together and pictures of the couple have been circulating on social media. It appeared Ariela told the fan that she and Biniyam were “just visiting” the U.S.

Biniyam posted a fan’s illustration September 15 on Instagram of Ariela and himself as Simpson characters hugging each other. Biniyam called the picture “awesome” and said he loved it, which suggests he and Ariela are still a happy couple.

On September 12, Ariela and Biniyam conducted an interview with E! News and the couple appeared very happy together. Ariela gushed about how her son loves dancing with his father.


And on August 21, Ariela posted a video of Biniyam and herself playing “The Newly Engaged Game” with Us Weekly, showing they’re an item.

Ariela gushed about her Biniyam being the more romantic one in their relationship, and one day earlier, she posted a portrait of herself in Ethiopia, which suggests she’s still living there with Biniyam.

If Ariela continues to reside in Ethiopia, it suggests she and Biniyam have gotten married.

Ariela also posted a photo of herself in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, saying she was at one of her and Biniyam’s favorite restaurants.

The couple, however, couldn’t seem to agree on wedding plans in a joint interview with Us.

Ariela shared how she and her fiance have yet to set a wedding date or even agree on a time of year in which to marry.


“It remains to be seen,” Ariela admitted. “I’ll leave that one on a cliffhanger.”

Ariela explained how she and Biniyam have “taken time” with their engagement.

“A lot of people get engaged and they get married right away. I think… one of my concerns is and points [of contention] is that Bini is a party person. He likes a big wedding, a big party and, you know, he likes to go all out,” Ariela explained.

Biniyam, however, said “it’s not about partying” for him when it comes to saying, “I do.”

“In my culture, if you have to do a wedding, you have a big wedding. Like, your father’s side, your mother’s. That’s the culture I’m used to, that’s how I grew up,” Biniyam said.


Ariela, on the other hand, told the magazine that she envisions a small wedding, maybe at the beach.

“I don’t know. I don’t want a big wedding, and so I don’t know how we’re going to work that one out,” Ariela acknowledged.

Ariela and Biniyam also haven’t even decided on which country their wedding will take place in.

“It would be great if my family could attend the wedding,” Ariela said. “I think it would be hard to get the whole family shipped out to Ethiopia.”

But Biniyam said he would “definitely” like to get married in Ethiopia.

“I’d like a big wedding in my country. I’d like to show her what a typical Ethiopian wedding looks like,” Biniyam told the magazine.

“My father’s side is very funny. My mother says it’s a different culture [with] a wedding ceremony. I want to show her — for Avi, for Avi’s family… what a traditional Ethiopian wedding looks like.”

Biniyam also reasoned how it would be hard to fly his whole family to the United States for their wedding.

“We have kind of a situation,” noted Biniyam, who appears to struggle financially in Ethiopia.

Ariela therefore determined, “I think maybe we’ve got to talk about this one, because that sounds like a lot.”

On the topic of Ariela’s ex-husband Leandro, Ariela insisted to Us, “He’s really involved in my life. He still talks to my family and he’s involved in family holidays and stuff. He’s my friend, and I wanted him to come out [to Africa] as a friend… I’m sure it’s going to be a really interesting season.”

But Biniyam gushed about being happy with Ariela on his own Instagram account on August 1.


In addition to uploading several family photos and videos, Biniyam wrote, “I’m so lucky god he give me this amazing family. We love like crazy. Every day is an adventure when we are together.”

And he posted a beautiful photo of Ariela and himself writing “love” as the sweet and simple caption.


On July 10, Ariela captioned photos of herself wearing traditional dress in Ethiopia and “making a coffee ceremony.”

“I have loved Ethiopia since I visited for the first time in 2017 before I ever met Biniyam. I love the people, the culture, the food, the landscape, and the history it provides. Ethiopia gave me my family and my son. It gave me my best friend and the beautiful life I have now,” Ariela gushed.

She also shared a cute picture of herself hugging Biniyam and wrote alongside it, “Hiking and hugs are the best. #iloveyou.”

Ariela has also posted recent photos of her son “in the Ethiopian countryside” with her and videos of Biniyam busting a move.

Ariela wrote to Biniyam in a sweet Father’s Day message in June, “Happy Father’s Day! Seeing you love and care for Avi makes my whole life.”

“I know you love him more than anything,” she continued. “Waking up to him and you every day is the most comfortable feeling in the world. I love you both. Thanks for making this family with me. #happyfathersday #90dayfiance #myfamily #usthree #arielaandbiniyam.”

On May 11, Biniyam posted a photo with Ariela on a jetski.

“More adventures with you my love. Diving, skydiving, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, repelling, zip lining, surfing, hiking, camping, and everything with you,” he captioned the slideshow.

And Ariela wrote Biniyam a beautiful message for his birthday in early April.


“We love you and wish you happiness and peace. This year is going to bring with it amazing possibilities and opportunities. I can’t wait to see what you will do with all your potential and G-d given talents. Thank you for letting me be a part of your corner of the universe,” Ariela wrote on Instagram.

“You’ve taught me so much and I hope you can say the same about me. We are family forever, bonded together by our sweetest boy and our incredible shared experiences. It was no accident we met on the street that day. I never expected to take this journey with you! Look how far we’ve both come! Can’t wait to cuddle with you and Avi in a few!”


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