’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Did Corey and Evelin get divorced or is the ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ couple still together? (SPOILERS)


90 Day Fiance star Evelin Villegas is considering giving Corey Rathgeber another chance after threatening him with divorce on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, so did Evelin and Corey make their relationship work or did they break up? Do 90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that Corey and Evelin are still together and married?


[90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Spoilers Warning: This report contains spoilers about Evelin and Corey’s marriage and whether the 90 Day Fiance couple has split up or are still together now.]

Corey, a 34-year-old from Mill A., WA, met Evelin, a 28-year-old from Engabao, Ecuador, over six years ago, and they initially starred on Season 1 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.


Corey hoped Evelin would move to the United States to be with him, but she didn’t like Washington and demanded Corey move to Ecuador instead.

Corey therefore reluctantly quit his job and left his family and friends, and it took him time to adjust to life in Ecuador since he didn’t even speak Spanish.

Evelin explained that she wanted Corey to put more effort into their relationship and show he could follow through with all of the things he had promised her, including learning her language and becoming closer to her family and friends.

Following the unexpected passing of Corey’s father, Corey proposed marriage to Evelin and she accepted a ring. But Evelin dragged her feet on setting a wedding date since she never really wanted to get married to begin with.

Corey and Evelin later had a big fight because Evelin said Corey stopped putting effort into their relationship. She therefore asked for a break, which Corey apparently interpreted as an official breakup.

Corey said Evelin kicked him out of their home and told him to never come back, and so when he was “devastated and heartbroken,” he traveled to Peru and began dating a woman named Jenny.

Corey, however, returned to Ecuador and got stuck quarantining with Evelin amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Corey insisted he had only hung out with Jenny for four days, but Evelin believed there was more to the story.

“I asked, ‘Are you having sex with this woman?’ And then he’s like, ‘Oh, no, like, I tried it once, but I couldn’t get it up.’ Whether his d-ck worked or not, he still put himself in a position where that was an option,” Evelin explained.

Evelin, however, appreciated that Corey told her what she thought was the truth, and so she was ready to start a new chapter with him after his painful “girl-hunting mission” in Peru.


Corey and Evelin then began planning their expensive wedding, which was scheduled for five months from that point.

Corey even tried to convince his bride-to-be to wear his sister’s previously-worn white bridesmaid dress, a “cheap” gesture, according to Evelin, that she certainly didn’t appreciate.

Later on, when Evelin tried on wedding dresses with her two sisters, Evelin said she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Corey. Evelin even toasted champagne with her sisters “to having regrets.”


Evelin shared with her sisters how Corey had presented that woman in Peru, Jenny, as his “girlfriend” to other people.

Corey apparently explained to Evelin at the time that it was a translation error because he had only known the woman for a week and the same word for “girlfriend” and “friend” is used in English.

Evelin’s sisters said they didn’t trust Corey at all and Evelin was “crazy” for marrying a cheater. They weren’t convinced Corey was fully invested in his relationship, and they called him “fake.”

After Lipsy and Lesly said they didn’t agree with Evelin marrying Corey, Evelin announced, “Well, now I have to tell you something. The truth of the matter is, one year ago, Corey and I went to Guayaquil and got married. “Otherwise, he couldn’t stay [in the country].”


Evelin said she wasn’t ready to marry Corey at the time but his visa was expiring and she wanted him to stay in the country with her.

Footage then flashed back to June 11, 2019, when Evelin and Corey exchanged vows in what appeared to be a last-minute decision at an office in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

“I didn’t want Corey to feel bad about it, but I couldn’t stop myself. I cry,” Evelin said.

Evelin told her sisters that she hadn’t told a soul about the wedding, and she asked Corey to do the same.

“I wasn’t ready for everyone to know because if [the marriage] wasn’t good, in secrecy, we could get divorce,” Evelin admitted.

Corey was therefore legally married to Evelin, even though they were on a break, when he started seeing or dating Jenny in Peru.

Evelin later scolded Corey for trying to “stick [his d-ck]” into Peruvians.

Evelin finally came clean to her family about her secret marriage, and everyone was shocked and a little disappointed, although it was clear they would continue supporting Evelin.

Afterward, Corey came clean about what really happened in Peru — but to his pal Raul and not Evelin.

Corey revealed his romance with Jenny was actually “serious” and the pair had, in fact, been “intimate.”

Corey told Raul — who is also close friends with Evelin — that his relationship with Jenny was “a little more serious than I let on.”

“It was serious,” Corey admitted, “like, she introduced me to her family. We were actually going to get a place together.”



Evelin thought Corey and Jenny’s fling was “a one-night thing,” according to Corey, and so he anticipated Evelin would “freak out” upon learning the truth.

Corey told Raul that he got stuck in Ecuador amid the coronavirus-pandemic shutdown and so he and Evelin mended their relationship during quarantine and he stopped talking to Jenny.

“I lied to Evelin when I told her I wasn’t intimate with Jenny,” Corey confessed.

Corey continued, “I never actually fully ended things with Jenny [although] I cut communication… for many months. I didn’t reach out to her anymore once I realized me and Evelin had an opportunity to fix our relationship.”

Corey then told Evelin that he was going to look for jobs, but he said something more important needed to be done first.

Corey never properly ended his relationship with Jenny from Peru, who apparently moved to Ecuador and lived about an hour from Evelin’s home in Engabao. Corey had last seen Jenny seven months prior during his trip to Peru, and he said he needed some closure.

Jenny apparently told Corey when they departed to figure things out with Evelin once and for all and she’d be waiting for him if he chose to return, but Corey got back together with Evelin during quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic and essentially “ghosted” Jenny.

Corey apologized to Jenny and said their time together was “real” and he had developed a lot of feelings for her. Jenny called her relationship with Corey “very beautiful,” even though they were together for a short time.

“But it was a relationship,” Jenny confirmed. “I can’t even find the words to tell you about it… What I had with him was very beautiful and magical.”

Corey recalled being technically married when he and Jenny met, but he assured Jenny that he was not in a relationship with Evelin at the time.

“When we first met, Corey told me he was single. I found out that he was married after we had been in a relationship for two-and-a-half months. When he decided to tell me the truth, I practically told him I was not willing to cause harm to a third party,” Jenny explained.

“I would never in my life take part in infidelity nor would I want the same thing done to me.”


Corey told Jenny that he didn’t want her waiting for him because he was back with his wife.

When a producer asked Corey if he still had feelings for Jenny, Corey replied, “That’s a big one, man. That’s a big question… Is there any tequila back there?”

Corey said he had feelings for Jenny “as a person” and cared about the time they spent together; however, he said his heart and his love and his future was with Evelin.


While eating a couple of coconuts, Corey came clean to Evelin about everything that happened while they were separated.

“It wasn’t actually like a one-night thing with Jenny. It was more serious than I led on to believe… We were actually in a relationship. She was my girlfriend,” Corey said.

“I am going to throw up,” Evelin replied, before asking Corey why he had waited so long to tell her the truth. “What the f-ck?!”

Corey recalled Evelin telling him that it would be okay for them to see other people, but Evelin said the real problem was not the act itself — it was Corey lying about everything that happened.

Corey told Evelin he had “cut ties” with Jenny, but he didn’t reveal that this conversation with Jenny had just taken place that week. Evelin accused Corey of changing into a “horrible” person, and she started to cry.

Corey apologized to Evelin and asked for her forgiveness, but Evelin asked Corey to pack up his bags and leave, and then she walked off alone with their dog.

“Corey f-cked up. He f-cked up big time. He did exactly what he knew was going to hurt me,” Evelin told the cameras. “He lied to me for months. He created new lies to cover other lies. I cannot take this anymore, so I need a divorce.”

Evelin apparently texted Corey later on calling him “a liar” and “a piece of garbage.” She asked him to forget about her, and Corey felt he had “ruined everything” and broken all trust with Evelin, which he may never be able to get back.


Meanwhile, Evelin cried in her house and said she had always trusted Corey over other people. Evelin felt she had been played “real bad,” and she said she felt “disgusted,” especially because they had been planning a wedding together.

“I wasn’t calling him. I didn’t need him. I don’t why he decided to come back just to screw up my life again,” Evelin cried.

“What am I supposed to do now?… I’ll punch him in the face if I see him…I want him to suffer. I hope it’s so cold outside that there are a million mosquitoes to bite him.”

Evelin determined she may never be able to trust Corey again, but she decided to meet up with him to talk after taking a night or so apart.

Corey explained how he had made a big mistake but wanted to work through things. Evelin said Corey didn’t regret his actions deep down inside and his apology didn’t sound sincere at all. Evelin just wasn’t buying Corey’s story at all.

“You [swore] on your dead dad, and it’s all lies!” Evelin said in tears.

“I’m your wife, Corey… [Did you want] to break all my barriers just so you could break my heart? If you think I’m going to put up with you anymore, you are crazy! There is no more wedding, there is no more nothing.”


Corey shared how Evelin rarely cries and so it felt horrible to know he had caused her to break down and have this type of emotion.

Evelin said she couldn’t even file for divorce because she had told her entire family about her marriage. Evelin told Corey that she had “zero trust” in him and had no idea how to proceed, either with Corey or without him.

Evelin insisted their relationship was over and Corey should book a flight home. She said that Corey didn’t deserve additional chances and she was tired of his betrayals and lies to her face.

“I honestly feel like I don’t deserve to be with her anymore… I wish I could take it all back, 100 percent,” Corey said in a confessional.


Evelin wanted Corey to leave their home, but Corey planned to continue fighting for their relationship — until she completely forced him out. Corey was apparently staying in the guest room, and he wrote Evelin a letter promising not to make any more mistakes.

Evelin wasn’t sure how to process Corey’s mistake when he was always around her. She apparently wanted him gone.

Evelin said Corey’s love notes and letters weren’t going to help the situation and she wanted him to respect her decision to be apart.

“I also need to know, are you going to sign the divorce papers?” Evelin asked.

“I’m not going to sign the divorce papers, not yet,” Corey replied.

“Then I am going to start the legal process against you, Corey,” Evelin said.

Corey begged for another chance, saying he didn’t want to give up on her or what they had. Evelin said she didn’t want a nasty divorce but she’d be willing to get the landlord and police involved if necessary.

Corey said he was going to stay until he could change his mind, and Evelin joked about how Corey could be a couple with Raul as a result.

Corey told the cameras Evelin had never been this devoted to them separating before and the situation was “really scary” for him. However, Corey said if Evelin served him with divorce papers, he’d “rip them up in her face.”

Corey was shown staying in a new apartment by himself after Evelin kicked him out. He had been staying in a new place for about three weeks in order to give Evelin some time and space to heal from his romance with Jenny.

After nearly a month apart, Corey asked Evelin to join him for dinner at his new place, and she accepted his invitation. Corey surprised her with flowers and candles and cooked her burgers.



Evelin admitted that she missed Corey, but when she thought about how he had treated her and hurt her in the past, and so she no longer missed him.

Corey told Evelin that he felt “pretty lonely,” and Evelin asked her husband if he planned to invite any girls over to stay in his extra bed. Corey apologized repeatedly for his fling with Jenny and insisted that’s not who he is and Evelin could trust him as a husband and life partner.

“I used to trust you blindly, Corey, and now I don’t trust you at all,” Evelin said.

Evelin said she had time to calm down a little bit but he had lied to her so much.

“None of this would have happened if you were honest with me at the beginning of everything,” Evelin explained.

Evelin wanted to see Corey try with his actions rather than just using his words, and Evelin noted she could maybe forgive him at some point but it wasn’t going to be easy. Evelin recommended they see a therapist together, and Corey was totally open to the idea.

“If we put forth effort, the both of us, I really do think we can move forward and make each other happy,” Corey said.

“We’ll see,” Evelin replied. “We’ll go to therapy first and then we’ll see. And you will pay.”

During the couple’s subsequent counseling session with Maria, Evelin admitted she had been trying to push a divorce because once she and Corey wed, his effort faltered and their relationship started going downhill.

Evelin revealed how she had taken a break from Corey at that point, only to find out he had moved on from her quickly with a “whore” in Peru. Corey said he wanted an opportunity to win back Evelin’s trust but she never seems to forgive and forget.

“If someone does me wrong, I’m like, ‘Forget about it,’ and I never trust again and I cut ties immediately,” Evelin confessed.

Maria asked Evelin to let go of her anger and frustration, but Evelin felt very “disrespected” and “stupid” for believing Corey’s lies and false story about Jenny.


Evelin cried since she thought her relationship with Corey was now based on lies. She also said she had been in a serious car accident last year yet Corey chose to stay with Jenny.

Evelin said they were still married at the time and Corey had lied about the girl with whom she had caught him at a bar. That girl was Jenny, and Corey wasn’t honest about that either.

“I did meet Jenny when you were in a time of need, and I wasn’t there for you. I am very sorry about that,” Corey said. “I should’ve jumped on the first bus to come back, and I didn’t. And it was a mistake I made, and I wish I could go back and change that.”


Corey also apologized — once again — for all of the lies he had told. Evelin apparently thought it was refreshing for Corey to take ownership of his mistakes and not attempt to justify what he had done.

Evelin realized in that moment there was a chance she could move on from her heartbreak and be with Corey again.

So do spoilers reveal that Corey and Evelin are still together or is the married couple divorcing?

Evelin lashed out at Corey on Instagram in late September and suggested their relationship is over.

The couple’s relationship apparently fell apart as Evelin watched recent 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way episodes and discovered Corey had been lying to her about the extent of his relationship with Jenny.

Evelin took to her Instagram Story and put Corey on blast in a series of posts, saying, “You can never trust [a] man, even the ones that play to be good, pretend to be Mormon, talk about values. Be afraid of the devil [dressed] as a sheep.”

Evelin continued, “It’s hard watching [these] new episodes because it reveals to me how much this guy lied.”

“He [swore] to me that he [met] her just for a few days, he look in my eyes and [swore] upon his dad who passed away, he [swore] on his family, on our pets. I’m disgusted.”

Evelin revealed she had “asked to get the divorce” papers signed and Corey “refused.”


“How can he say he was sure things were over[?]” Evelin questioned. “If you go [through] his IG, he was still posting pictures with me and love messages all the time when he was with her even! Trash!”

“She knew damn well who I and [Corey] were,” she added of Jenny. “And yes, you will see that trash too cause he brought her into filming without me knowing!”

Evelin continued in her Instagram Stories rant, “There’s still a lot more to find out and what’s crazy to me is that I [thought] he gave me all the truth already but, no.”

“I’m slowly unveiling it as the season goes on. He didn’t [get] stuck here in quarantine, he forced himself into my house. He asked to stay for a few days. I said, ‘OK,’ so he stayed in the other room, but every day [he tried] to be with me till I finally [gave] in.”

Evelin said Corey could have returned to the United States “but he never care [sic].”

“He could have [told] me the truth at the beginning, but no, he decided to wait for the cameras to film it. He gave that to the producers, without me having a [say] in any of it!” Evelin complained.

“So my advice is [Corey], go and eat a bunch of balls soup and hopefully one day you’ll be a man and not a lying coward!”


The balls soup was in reference to the time Evelin’s two sisters had tricked Corey into eating a soup made with bull penis, which Corey found to be totally unappetizing.

Corey responded to Evelin’s outburst on his own Instagram account a few days later on September 29.

“Being in a long distance relationship is not easy. Being in a long distance relationship from 2 different countries isn’t easy. Being on national and international TV for the world to judge that relationship isn’t any easier,” Corey wrote.

“I have to say given all that me and Evelin have been through it definitely shows just how strong that relationship has been! 7 years is a long time. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”


I love and have always loved Evelin sincerely. I never knew that one could feel so strong for another. I have made mistakes that I wish I could take back. I will work to be the best version of me possible and use those mistakes to become better!”

Corey went on to apologize to Evelin for lying to and hurting her.

“Evelin I am sorry for the stress I have put you through. You have all rights to be upset with me. I don’t blame you for expressing those feelings. I want you to know that you are the world’s most beautiful girl! I love you with all my heart please never forget that,” he concluded.

In mid-October, Evelin and Corey both took to Instagram once again. Evelin wrote about how she’s not an “evil,” cold “ice queen” like people have claimed she is, and it takes a lot for her to drop her walls and let her guard down with a man.


“I don’t open my heart cause when I had, it always ended up bad… When I say I work hard to love is cause I do, I tried very hard to trust, to believe…. I wish so badly this situation could have been dealt with in private but that option was never given to me,” Evelin wrote.

“I was blindsided and [betrayed] by the person I thought will have my back and now here I am entertaining you with one of the hardest moments of my life finding out that you can’t trust people even if they swear in your face, that men never keep their world and they all just suck.”

Evelin concluded that Corey’s betrayal “broke” her and she’s “in a process of healing” now and also “seeing a therapist.”

“I cry so much, I have so much anger and I have closed myself more than I have ever been before,” Evelin said. “[These] last two years have been hell — all the issues, all the hate, losing my bar, the rumors and lies about me , the judgment, the rocks thrown up me everyday. I’m so tired.”

Corey chose to address his past romance with Jenny and wrote on his page, “I don’t even want to say her name because it disappoints and disgusts me every time I hear it. I made a big mistake and blindsided the one I love more than anything.”

Corey continued, “I am ashamed by the mistakes and harm I have made towards Evelin… I can tell you [Jenny] was never ‘for me.’ What I did was wrong and selfish.’ I never had any feelings for this other person and I never intended to be with her.”

Corey insisted he’ll never be with Jenny again and being with her was his “biggest mistake ever.”


Corey went on to say how Evelin is an “amazing” person who has always been there for him.


“She has always loved and cared for me more than anyone will understand. I just want to thank you [Evelin], [you] are the world to me and thank you for all the love, support, friendship, care and happiness you have given me over these past 7 plus years! Again, I am so so very much sorry,” he concluded.

One day after his post, Corey apologized for his “bad attitude and reaction,” seemingly referring to how he had essentially trashed Jenny in his apology to Evelin. He promised to keep working to become a better man.

Before all the drama went down, Corey explained why he and Evelin had a secret wedding in September 2021 on Instagram.

“The production team was not made aware of this because we had just finished filming our first season,” explained Corey, who initially starred on Season 1 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way with Evelin.

“At the time we were not in talks with filming again. So we didn’t feel obligated to inform them. It was a very private and special moment for us!”

Corey said the entire marriage process only took “a few hours” and “that was it.”

“We were married! It was a very special and surreal moment shared only with the one I love! I am happy and so [grateful]. I will never forget that wonderful and crazy experience,” Corey shared.

Corey revealed that he did eventually tell one cast member about his secret marriage, which apparently turned out to be a big mistake.

“Unfortunately, she preceded to tell everyone and attempted to make it as public as possible,” Corey claimed of the mystery woman whom Evelin had once considered a friend.



Evelin also opened up about their big secret on September 16 via Instagram Stories.

“Back in 2019, when we were done filming, after we were on TV… Corey and I’s relationship was in the best moment ever. He did that amazing proposal that you all remember, and so I did say ‘yes’ and we were doing so good,” Evelin said at the time.

Evelin insisted she’s “not an actress” and so she wouldn’t be able to pretend or fake what the couple had gone through together.

Evelin said once she and Corey were ready to share the news, they decided to film the new season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Around that time, Corey and Evelin’s relationship was thriving. Corey even gushed about his wife during a Q&A session with fans.

When asked what he loves most about Evelin, he replied, “Her strength, her beauty, her motivation to achieve greatness. Evelin is the best woman I have ever known.”

One Instagram user asked, “Will Evelin come live in the USA one day?”

And Corey replied, “I can only hope. [Fingers crossed].”

Corey wouldn’t reveal whether he’s currently in Ecuador or the U.S. due to his current NDA contract.

However, Corey went on to boast about how Evelin “looks better than ever” after she was able to gain a little weight from her previous 82-84 pounds.

On September 7, Corey posted a couple of photos of himself and Evelin kissing on the beach.

“I never thought the day of planning a wedding with you would come!” Corey captioned the images.”


Corey also posted pictures of the couple smiling and posing on the beach in Engabao on July 16, suggesting the couple is still living in Ecuador together.

“Beach walks in the sunset,” Corey captioned the slideshow.

“It all feels like a dream and there is no one else in this world I’d rather take this step with!”


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