This Is Us Review – Don’t Let Me Keep You (6×04)


While that may have been one of the most awkward epsiodes of This Is Us, it was also the most pure. 

And for a show that delivers stellar episodes on a weekly basis that are infused with raw emotion and connection, that’s saying a lot.

The Big Three stepped aside and made way for — admittedly — a stronger Big Three: Miguel, Rebecca, and Nicky.

The trio embarked on a road trip to find Nicky’s long-lost love, Sally.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when Nicky knocked on Sally’s door 50 years later, but I sure wasn’t expecting such a beautifully honest dinner where everyone kind of just let their fears and insecurities fly free. 

It was one of the most enjoyable hours of television, even if everyone at that dinner table felt slightly uncomfortable. 

Sally didn’t seem to remember Nicky all that much — she even asked him how they met — and it was a stark difference from the candle that he’s held for her all these years. 

The woman that Nicky pined for had a vague recollection of their summer together, which is the polar opposite of Nicky’s memory of her. They always say you remember your first. 

However, I don’t think Sally was being all that honest with herself or with Nicky. She clearly pinned a photo of him on her photo board, so she had to have a soft spot for him in some way. You don’t just forget the man who stood you up ahead of Woodstock. 

At first glance, it seemed as though Sally created a great life for herself. She was a married pharmaceutical rep with a great house. 

But looks can be deceiving. When everyone started getting brutally honest at dinner about sweating the small stuff, Sally kind of called out her husband for their loveless marriage. It was weird, and, quite frankly, something I wish the writer’s didn’t do. 

It didn’t feel right to have her air out this random personal drama, even while everyone was sharing their fears — Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Miguel’s bathed breath over losing his hair, and Sally’s husband about the deck he built without a permit. 

Sally’s quip about being nothing more than a line cook just felt misplaced in a setting of mostly strangers. 

But it did lead to a pretty great interaction between Sally and Rebecca that almost outshined Nicky finally coming face-to-face with his lost love. 

Rebecca has been struggling to come to terms with the Alzheimers, unsurprisingly. It’s not a diagnosis anyone wants to recieve, especially after living a life worth remembering. 

But by confiding in Sally about trying to outrun old age and the eventual disease, she was finally able to accept it and remind herself that there was still plenty that she wanted to do. 

Salsa dancing? Screw that little girl who was pointing at her! 

It was a liberating moment for Rebecca that reminded her to live. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile that much. 

And, of course, Miguel was right there by her side as he told her he was fully equipped to embark on this journey with her. The fact that he promised to be by her side worries me slightly as we haven’t seen him in the future scenes, but hopefully, that’s just me bracing for the worst. 

Miguel and Rebecca’s relationship is the absolute sweetest. Miguel hasn’t been cut any slack simply he married his late best friend’s wife but despite it all, he is an incredible husband who loves her dearly.

We haven’t seen nearly enough of their sweet moments, so it’s a nice change of pace to see them kissing and dancing.

And with Rebecca’s story about her wedding to Miguel, I was reminded that we never got to see their romance blossom.

When did they reconnect and fall in love? How? Will we ever get to see their wedding?

The focus has been on Jack for so long, but I need Miguel to get his moment. 

As for Nicky, confronting Sally was the scariest thing he ever did, but it was also freeing. 

He clung to this romanticized version of a woman he didn’t even know, and while he admitted he didn’t regret it because it gave him hope, it was also keeping him from moving on and finding love. 

The moment he let go of Sally, he made room for someone far greater. 

Enter: Edie! 

Fans have been dying to know who Nicky’s soulmate is, and now we know that it’s a flight attendant that asked him to adjust his seat on a flight back East. 

Nicky took his life back and reaped the rewards. 

Who Is Nicky Pearson Married to on ‘This Is Us’?

I don’t know who I was expecting Nicky’s future wife to be, but I’m not mad at this turn of events. They had an immediate connection, and from the little we saw of her, she seems like a genuinely sweet woman. 

In the future flash-forward, we see Randall and Annie greet her when she pulls up to the house, and it’s clear that she fits in great with the family.

The other focal point of the episode was Deja and Malik’s relationship. 

Miguel and Rebecca might be the show’s cutest couple, but Deja and Malik are giving them a run for their money.

Deja decided to visit Malik at Harvard and immediately realized that he’s overtired and overworked. Between school work, home work, and raising Janelle, the boy has his work cut out for him. 

It’s not a surprise that his dorm room is covered in coffee cups. 

Malik isn’t just a hard worker, he’s also a good dad, even when his ex, Jennifer, chooses to make things even more difficult for him. 

This was the first time Deja and Jennifer met, and it was intense, but it didn’t really serve a greater purpose. There’s no comparing Jennifer and Deja — the former is in the past and the latter seems to be his future. 

Malik is serious about Deja, he only has eyes for her because he knows exactly how lucky he is to have her, and most importantly, he respects her. 

He even waited until she was ready, and when she informed him that she was ready ready, Malik couldn’t get home faster. 

Young love really is precious and life changing. 

Of course, Deja went about the whole weekend all wrong because she wasn’t honest with Randall about where she was going. Instead of telling him the truth, she told him she was spending the night at Tiffany’s, which was risky. 

As the promo for next week reveals, Randall finds out the truth, and he’s not pleased. 

I feel like Randall and Beth’s number one rule is to be honest, and once you break that cardinal rule, it’s over. 

I don’t really see why Deja chose to lie either. Randall and Malik get along. He trusts him, so odd are that Randall and Beth would’ve been fine with Deja visiting him if she promised to be smart about it. 

What did you think of the episode? Are you enjoying the sixth and final season? Do you think Deja and Malik are the real deal and will go length?

Will we see more of Rebecca and Miguel’s relationship this season? And are you happy Nicky finally found happiness?

Because one thing is for sure — Jack would’ve loved seeing them all together and having each other’s back. And he definitely would’ve loved that Nicky found someone to love. 

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