All American – Draft Day – Review: Draft Day Heartbreak

In this emotionally charged episode of “All American,” tension and excitement reached a peak as Spencer stood on the verge of the NFL draft, hailed as one of the top five picks, while Jordan and Layla wrapped up their wedding preparations. 
Olivia, meanwhile, celebrated the publication of her book, “Coach Billy.” Olivia had self-published her book with aspirations of turning it into a series. However, she faced the daunting task of self-marketing the book as well, which is a challenge given her lack of experience and industry connections. 
Spencer’s draft journey was marked by grand gestures, like giving his mother, Grace, a new car that she can use to visit him wherever he gets drafted. Grace was deeply touched, but Spencer’s agent, Eric, warned him against spending money prematurely. Spencer’s generosity extended to Eric with a gold watch, though Eric advised caution to avoid jeopardizing his draft prospects. He has seen prospective players blow their chances at the last minute, and he does not want to see this happen to Spencer.
At an autograph signing, Spencer introduced Coop to Miles, a fellow player from the Indianapolis combine. Eric’s caution against fraternizing with competition highlighted the pressures of draft season. 
All American – “Draft Day.” Pictured (L-R): Karimah Westbrook as Grace James and Daniel Ezra as Spencer James. Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW© 2024 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Despite his commitments, Spencer wanted to support Olivia at her book signing. Eric, however, insisted on sticking to the schedule of events to maintain his professional image. Coop negotiated a compromise, ensuring Spencer’s presence at all events except during Olivia’s signing.
Olivia’s book signing initially attracted only close friends and family, dampening her spirits. The situation worsened when Eric and a camera crew showed up for a photo op with Spencer, overshadowing her moment. This triggered a confrontation where Spencer demanded that Eric take a step back and let him handle things. 
Coop urged Spencer to go easier on his agent, reminding him that Eric was working tirelessly to ensure his success and needed the space to do his job. At the same time, Coop in a mix of teasing and dead seriousness, expressed her desire to be Spencer’s manager, highlighting their deep history and her unwavering support. She believed it was only right to be part of this pivotal moment in his life.
As Spencer walked the red carpet at the draft, with Coop and Dillon by his side, Coop was thrilled when Spencer introduced her as his manager. However, the night took a turn when his friend Miles was chosen first by St. Louis in the draft, leaving Spencer overlooked despite his expected spot at St. Louis. 
As the draft picks progressed, the scene cut in and out to Olivia reading her book to elementary students, reciting her father’s encouraging words. This creative choice by the writing team to feature Billy Baker’s uplifting messages during Spencer’s moment of profound disappointment, added an emotional layer to the moment. Spencer’s disappointment culminated with the final pick of the first round going to Wade Waters, prompting Spencer to utter a somber “game over,” suggesting a bleak outlook for his NFL dreams. Eric seemed to understand why Spencer wasn’t being drafted, but this wasn’t revealed to viewers. Spencer’s confidence and attitude, thinking he had the draft in the bag, may have ultimately worked against him. The cause for him being overlooked by the first round teams remains a mystery, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating next week’s episode to get answers. 
All American – “Draft Day.” Pictured (L-R): Karimah Westbrook as Grace James and Daniel Ezra as Spencer James. Photo: Troy Harvey/The CW© 2024 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Elsewhere, Asher faced his own struggles with the new Coastal coach, Edison, who dismissed his efforts and contributions. Deciding to quit, Asher found a new opportunity through Coach Montes’s wife, who offered him a position at Beverly High, bringing him back to his roots. 
Jordan and Layla were caught up in wedding preparations, since the big event was taking place in two days. While Olivia was set as Layla’s maid of honor, Jordan struggled to choose between Asher and Spencer as his best man. A conversation about parenthood with Asher brought Jordan to realize he hadn’t discussed future plans with Layla. Despite the chaos, Asher reassured Jordan about his commitment to Layla. Ultimately, Jordan picked Asher as his best man, valuing their longstanding friendship and everything they have been through together. Layla’s affirmation about their future together, including moving in and eventually having kids, put Jordan at ease, setting the stage for the big wedding next week. The Jordan and Layla moments closed the episode on a hopeful note amidst Spencer’s turmoil. 
Over to you All American fans, why do you think Spencer was overlooked in the first round of the draft after being touted as a top 5 pick? What will this mean for his future? Will Jordan and Layla’s wedding go off without a hitch? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and engage with me on Twitter/X at @middleofcanada.
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