Batwoman Season 2 Episode 12 Overview: Provoke Self-Destruct


Sure characters on this Gotham appear to get a concentrated dose of particular plot components, and on Batwoman Season 2 Episode 12, the fortunate winner is Agent Sophie Moore.

Whereas we have seen Jacob solid because the Poor Schmuck, with episode after episode of being blindsided with truths about his household, Sophie’s develop into the Service of Secrets and techniques ever since discovering out that Ryan is Batwoman on Batwoman Season 2 Episode 11.

Right here, she additionally discovers that Mary Hamilton has been working with the Bat Group AND that Jacob is a Snakebite person.

Skeptical Sophie - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 12

That is lots of data to sit down on for a personality who spent all of Season One insisting on holding everybody (besides herself) to a ridiculous commonplace of transparency.

I will get the Dumb Factors out of the best way first.

Dumb Level #1: Jacob not solely disposes of a Snakebite syringe in his personal trash can, however he additionally retains the empty Snakebite field in his secure.

Sure, I get he isn’t in his proper head however he is nonetheless (supposedly) a safety professional and he should know that different individuals have entry to his workplace and his secure.

If he did not know that Sophie had his secure combo, it means he left it open (and his workplace unlocked) which might be Dumb Factors 1.1 & 1.2.

Jacob Means Business - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 12

Additionally — and I believe I’ve requested this earlier than — does he not have a house anymore? Why does he proceed to do Snakebite whereas at work?

Dumb Level #2: Contemplating how Jacob’s workplace is actually in everybody’s line of sight, how does Sophie zipping in simply as Jacob leaves and instantly shutting out the home windows not get everybody’s consideration?

Dumb Level #3: How did Luke not provide you with the concept of wiping (or no less than enhancing) Ryan’s report first?

Dumb Level #4: A fax machine? Critically?

Alice: Angelique and Ocean are apparently being held at a spot that’s extra fortified than this one and, fairly frankly, I want back-up. By which I imply somebody to face behind in order that the bullets do not hit my visage.
Batwoman: Rattling. You are crazier than everybody already thinks.

Alice with a goal is at all times entertaining and, regardless of her intention to vanish within the early morning mild, it was endearing that she took the FFS goons kidnapping Ocean fairly personally.

Strange Bedfellows - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 12

I felt there was a parallelism between her team-up vibe with Ryan and when she and Kate needed to work collectively on Batwoman Season 1 Episode 16.

Alice does nicely when she has a Batwoman as her straight girl. Um, within the comedic sense, after all.

Batwoman: Do not make me hit the ejector seat.
Alice: It exists.
Batwoman: You wish to discover out?
Alice: Kinda

I will admit to being shocked by Ryan strolling away and leaving Alice to Kate/Circe’s psychotic intentions. That is treading somewhat near the sting of the code.

Making Decisions - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 12

Now, Kate/Circe is an interesting improvement. What do we all know to date?

Roman blames Batwoman for his daughter’s dying. We all know that Kate Kane solely ever killed August Cartwright and that wasn’t as Batwoman.

We now know that Circe was in Arkham. So we are able to assume she’s as nutty as her dad.

BTW, comedian canon has Circe as a part of the False Face Society however not as Roman’s daughter. Slightly, she was a mannequin who satisfied him to kill his mother and father for his or her fortune after which turned his sufferer when he went mad.

Setting Things in Motion - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 12

His plan to “recast” his daughter is somewhat on the nostril contemplating the behind-the-scenes recasting happening.

Additionally, did anybody else get a Groot impression from Circe’s masks?

It is a trainwreck of loopy however, like most trainwrecks, it is almost not possible to look away.

Masks have taken on varied meanings over time. Deceit. Disguise. Low cost leisure. However as Jung as soon as mentioned, all of us put on masks, each to create an impression upon others, but in addition to cover our personal true natures.

Black Masks

Circe, as performed by Kate, has preventing expertise that outmatch each Ryan and Alice, which is somewhat regarding.

Actually, we noticed lots of our well-seasoned fighters taken out by the baddies fairly simply.

Alice is Ready - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 10

What would Safiyah say to see two of her finest minions taken out so simply by a group of thugs just like the False Face Society?

To be truthful, neither Alice nor Ocean was in protection mode, contemplating their actions from the evening earlier than.

And, we’ve got seen Batwoman crushed earlier than. In any case, she’s a superhero, not superhuman.

The sore thumb within the dialogue was Ryan (as Batwoman) and Alice psychoanalyzing one another whereas ready to rescue Ocean and Angelique.

Just a bit piece of recommendation, from an anti-hero to a hero, you’ll be able to’t save everybody. Not with out dropping who you might be.


Perhaps due to on a regular basis with Enigma, it looks like there’s lots of remedy taking place at reasonably inappropriate occasions.

Taking the Call - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 12

Moreover, when did Alice develop into an “anti-hero”? Has she at all times seen herself that method?

There’s an attention-grabbing on-ramp constructed right here for Mary and Jacob.

Jacob’s preoccupation on account of his Snakebite habit truly makes him nicer in some respects. For instance, his seemingly okay-ness with Mary not reporting on her sufferers.

This makes Mary much less prone to look carefully on the Snakebite habit suspicions that Sophie brings to her.

As a sort-of doctor, this can put Mary in an moral quandary.

Mary Visits the Crows - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 12

It additionally endangers Jacob’s relationship with the one daughter he is in a position to name by identify anymore.

Uh-oh. Did somebody ship out invitations to a celebration earlier than they discover out if there was a celebration?


With the lifeless finish on the DNA path, will this be the final we see of Agent Tavaroff?

Or will Sophie’s little dig at his over-confidence increase his hackles and put him into the position of Crow antagonist now that Sophie seems to have gone all stealth Group Batwoman?

Tavaroff has the potential to be an actual thorn within the facet of Sophie and the Bat Group.

They usually gave him each a primary and final identify. That is normally a clue {that a} character might be round for some time.

Eureka - Batwoman Season 2 Episode 12

As you watch Batwoman online, see in case you can predict whether or not Enigma’s programming goes to stay the touchdown.

In that case, there’s an opportunity Alice’s plan for a father-daughter fatality should work out. And nobody however Roman and Enigma will know.

Had been you intrigued by the developments right here?

With Cluemaster on deck as our subsequent VotW, how do you suppose he’ll play into our lengthy arc storylines?

Hit the feedback along with your finest guesses!

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